3 New Stanley Laser Levels

line lasers

Stanley has been around for years.  I can remember the first Fat Max laser I ever got, I loved it.  Stanley is known for being a good value.  In todays video we got a chance to check out 3 different Stanley lasers.  We like the included QuikLink Bracket and Mounting system for attaching the lasers to poles, lumber or just about anything.  They self level and are powered by 2AA batteries.  Best of all they have a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

stht77340 Cross laser

STHT77340 Cubix Cross Line Laser  40′ Range +/- 5/16th” accuracy – Check it out via Amazon

STHT77341 Laser level

STHT77341 Cross 90 Cross line Laser Level 50′ Range +/- 3/16th” accuracy- Check it our via Amazon

3 dot laser STH77342

STHT77342 SPL3 3 Spot Laser Level 100′ Range +/- 1/8th” accuracy – Check it out via Amazon



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