Sonicrafter F50 RK5141K – The Ferrari of Oscillating Multi Tools?

Rockwell multi tool

I got a chance to use the 4 amp Sonicrafter F50 on a recent wood floor we were working on.  I really got to be familiar with the tool and like Rockwell says it really is one of the fastest oscillating tools I have ever tested.  It rips through plywood at screaming speeds, it was impressive.  It weighs 3.3 lbs, has an oscillation speed of 11000-20000 RPM and an oscillation of 5 degrees.  Speed can be set via a dial at the base of the unit.  It is the fastest cutting OMT I have seen cutting through plywood.

The 10′ long cord is a nice added feature.  The tool comes with a few blades, scraper and a sanding attachment with some sanding sheets.  I felt this tool excelled at most jobs except for sanding. The sanding pads had a hard time staying attached and the back would wear out before the actual sanding side.  This tool can use almost every manufacturers accessories via the tool-free Hyperlock system.  This clamp locks the accessory with 1 ton of clamping force.  The hyper lock does the job but is nothing that we have not seen before.  The 2 LED lights on the front do a good job of illuminating the work area. Vibration dampening and ergonomics were pretty much on par with most other oscillating tools we have used.  Overall the latest Sonicrafter will work for just about anyone needing a multi-tool.  I like the selection of accessories that it comes with.  Check it out via Amazon,

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  1. won x2 sonic crafter..few years back..still works a-1…new one has one have scissor
    blade attachment? dan have u seen new dewalt rollaway…magnetic drawers ..seen one at home deep bottom drawer..buying one so yellow…lol


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