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Milwaukee doesn’t just offer state of the art cool tools, but they also have an insane heated gear department.  I know it’s still summer and some of you don’t want to think about winter, but here we are, thinking about winter time.  While some companies are coming out with one or two different types of heated jackets, Milwaukee has taken it to a whole new level.  Now I wouldn’t say they are turning into an apparel company, but I bet they give some of the apparel companies a run for their money with how many sku numbers they have.  In the past we have checked out some of their other jackets, hoodies and Hi-Vis stuff, so today we now get to check out some of their latest offers in their heated gear world.

M12 Heated Woman’s Jacket – Model 2399

Womens heated

This has to be one of the coolest additions to their heated gear, the Woman’s Jacket.  I know when we did the Bosch Woman’s jacket a lot of you were happy because that meant no longer did your wife use your jacket, she could have her very own.  Now Milwaukee has a woman’s jacket that is sure to be a hit.  Christmas is coming around the corner and I am sure this will make any wife or girlfriend happy.  Milwaukee doesn’t just take another jacket and call it a woman’s jacket, they actually have styled it for a woman.  The jacket is designed around a woman’s figure so it does have a different cut and look than the men’s jackets.  So what cool features does this have?  This jacket offers 4 carbon fiber heating zones which means you not only get warmth to the core body, but it also has heated pockets and a heated collar.  Seriously, only for women?  I want one.  A heated collar is awesome.  The jacket is wind and water resistant, but best of all, it’s machine washable.  The jacket runs up to 8 hours on a M12 2.0Ah battery.  Plus the battery holder has a 2.1A USB port to keep her phone charged.


M12 3 in 1 Ripstop Jacket – Model 2171

Milwaukee Heated Gear 2171

The ripstop jacket is a complete new design by Milwaukee, it’s a 3 in 1 which means there are two jackets in one or you can wear them together.  The jacket consists of a heated hoodie and a Ripstop shell that is made for tough jobsites.  I have to say once you put this jacket on, you can feel real quality, they didn’t cut corners here.  There are 3 carbon fiber heating elements with this jacket to help keep your core body warm.  The jacket is made of water repellent, durable polyester shell and insulating liner.  The Ripstop Shell is also insulated, wind and water resistant.  As you can see by the video below, they have strengthened the core areas where tears tend to happen. As with the woman’s jacket, you also get up to 8 hours of run time on an M12 2.0Ah battery.


M12 Heated Ripstop Vest – Model 2173


Milwaukee is bringing back the 80’s with the new Ripstop vest.  Seriously, it’s nice to have a vest when you don’t want to be constrained by sleeves.  The vest has 3 carbon fiber heating elements and a fleece liner.  The elements are designed to keep your core body areas warm.  The outside is just as tough as the 3-1 jacket using Milwaukee’s Ripstop fabric.  As with the 3 in 1, this is designed to take a beating on jobsites.  While the woman’s jacket and 3 in 1 have an 8 hour run time, the vest has a 6 hour run time.


M12 Heated Hoodie – Model 2369


While I love the new jackets, the heated hoodie has always been one of my favorites because of the versatility of the hoodie.  I can wear just the hoodie or put extra layering of clothes over the hoodie.  The hoodie offers 3 carbon fiber heating elements that cover your core body areas.  The hoodie has a run time of up to 6 hours.



All in all I love these jackets.  They are stylish, practical and built to last.  The one thing I wish is that Milwaukee had moved the inside of the battery compartment to the inside like Bosch has theirs.  Yes, it’s nice to have on the outside back, but sometimes it’s a pain when you sit down in the truck seat.  All in all these are great jackets to own and if you’re looking for a nice jacket or hoodie, check these out.



  1. These are some nice jackets guys. I have the original black one (red to loud for me) & it has taken a beating. Would like to upgrade, but its really not needed (new ones look nice), besides I have a couple of another brand. I agree that I don’t really use the heat feature much, because its not really needed. The few times that I use it is when I have to shovel snow in those Chicago below zero nights & old man winter drops 15 to twenty snow drifts on walkway or garage driveway. Laters TIA

  2. I bought the M12 heated hoodie last winter for working on new build sites that aren’t heated and I can tell you that Canadian winters can be seriously cold. I was very surprised at how warm it was when I wore it under my winter jacket in -20s Celsius. The M12 3 in 1 Ripstop Jacket – Model 2171 looks awesome and if it performs half as well as the hoodie then it’s a goo buy.


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