DeWALT 20V MAX Battery Adapter – Finally


Well it seems DeWALT has come out with an adapter that allows you to use the new 20V lithium ion batteries on the old 18V XRP tools.  This is HUGE!  Now you can easily transition into the 20V max line without having to give up your 18V XRP.

Battery Adapter_2-1

The offset design allows it to work most existing 18V XRP tools.

Battery Adapter_3-1

2 20v 2.0ah batteries and a charger (DCA2203C) for $149

Battery Adapter-1

Stand alone for $39 (DCA1820)


  1. Dang!!! This is freaking awesome. I have my XRP’s that I don’t want to give up, because they are dependable monsters. I didn’t want to move to new platform if I didn’t have too. I still have the hammer, recep, impact, & grinder on the old platform. I rather spend the money on the adapter & continue using my old reliable power tools. Dan you brought a smile to my face today. Laters TIA

    • Hi guys.. Me again, wanted to let you know that I purchased a couple of these adapters & they are working great. Now I have combined my old XRP tools with new modern batteries. They seem to run longer, but I have never paid attention to that. I had to invest because my XRP tools are monsters & I was not going to update if these were performing monsters. I’ve used them two months & extremely happy with the purchase. They were not really cheap (Factory Auth Outlet – Dewalt), but it was worth my investment due to my XRP line, which I love.

  2. That’s pretty cool – I upgraded to the 20V Max line when my old 18V XRP started getting through its batteries pretty quickly.
    Figured I just needed new batteries, but for the price of new batteries, and considering the age of the drill, I decided it was time to move up…
    I still have the old drill, so this adapter would be useful for any occasion I need a “beater” for any “Dirty Jobs” when I don’t want to mess up my newer tools 🙂
    But at $40 it’s a bit pricey for what it is – But if the situation arises I will remember it’s out there…..

    TIA !

  3. Now that’s the best idea every tool company should do that. I hope porter cable does it to. I have almost their full line of 18v platform and they seem to not support the 18v anymore

  4. A month ago I sold off my last 18v dewalt tool so this is a little too late for me. One the plus side is that I sold off the last of the old tools so all the current ones are new!. Pricier for me but better in the long run.

    I do still have my old 18v radio which this adapter would not fit anyway.

  5. Is it just me? I’d rather hold onto my xrp until they no longer work which shall include buying new expensive batteries when needed. I cannot get the longevity out of the 20v as I do my rock solid 18xrp’s… Am I really alone?

  6. The 20v line is definitely an upgrade for Dewalt. You could be using the compact 1.5 batteries as the 4.0 amp xr battery gives us plenty of runtime at work. Personally I use the m18 line and I can cut all day on the circular saw with the Milwaukee m18 4.0 amp battery. For some reason I get noticeably more run time with the Milwaukee 4.0 then I do with Dewalt. But as I said we use the Dewalt at work and they are fine. Hope that helped. Thanks.

  7. Here is what has me on the fence w/ the 20v. My XRPs are “well known” and my tools have held up amazingly for over 10 years. I’ve replaced a pile of batteries over that time, but FROM WHAT I’VE READ don’t hold up as well and/or the batteries do not have the same run-time or life-span.

    The NiCd batteries are 18V at 2.4Ahr and run (street) $90/pr.
    I cannot find the LI models at anything close in price, but are only 2Ahr (10% less).
    The new batteries are 2Ahr also, but are $145/pr.

    Are there any comparisons between the 18V LI 9182’s and the 20V 2Ahr batteries for number of recharge cycles + run-time?

    It’s difficult to compare the apples with the pears. I’ve seen a pair of 20V 5Ahr batteries at HD for $299. For the same coin, I could get SIX XRP 18V NiCds. What’d last longer?

  8. Mark,
    I just bought my first 20V DeWalt tool, the new cordless miter saw -bare tool, and for $175 on eBay I found a charger and two 5Ah batteries to go with it. I can cut baseboard for about 6-7 hrs. on just one of those batteries.

  9. As soon as I started thinking about buying that cordless miter saw I emailed DeWalt and told them they needed to make this adapter because without it there was no reason for me to stick with there tools. Has anyone actually found a place to buy one of these adapters yet? $39 sounds very reasonable to me, BTW.


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