KEEN Utility Shoes


Every worker has the same goal when it comes to work wear.  Find something that protects your feet, but it has to be comfortable for all day wear.  Well let me introduce you to KEEN Utility footwear.  Now before they contacted us, I had never heard of this company and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from them.  I ended up getting the Braddock Low workbook and Dan got the Flint Low work boot.  Both are low shoes and both have a steel toe.

When Dan first gave me the shoes, I thought they were a little heavy and knew right away I wouldn’t like them.  However he insisted I put them on and wear them around.  After all, he was wearing his for about a week and was raving about them.  I have to say that these shoes are great.  While I thought they would be heavy and I would feel that after a couple of hours of use, they turned out to be nice and not heavy.  For a full day I was walking around on concrete, well doing a lot of standing.  Normally my feet will kill at the end of the day after being on concrete.  With these shoes, my feet, my knees, my hips and my back were all feeling good.  Now I know I am raving about these shoes, so I want to let you know we didn’t get paid by Keen, I just love these shoes.  It’s a company I had never heard of before and my only regret is we didn’t discover them earlier.

I am not going to go into all the features because Keen offers a wide variety of work boots like oil resistant, steel toe and more.  However I do want to tell you that next to my Columbia work boots, these are the most comfortable boots I have worn and I have been through a lot of different brands over the years.



  1. These kickers look nice & they also look like nice hikers. If they are as comfy as you say I might have to try them. By the way I use Wolverines as work boots for the past few years & I like them. Always looking for new options for these old dogs of mine. Laters TIA

  2. Im a big fan of keen shoes, i have several types, i work around electronics/computers, so the ESD static safe soles are great, and the soft toe or composite toe are awesome when you need lightweight protection in average conditions, which is 90% of the time, im a field tech and work in all kinds of condtions and the keen work shoes are awesome for that all day comfort. Ive yet to try the heavy duty steel toe models.

  3. Foot pain for years then the podiatrist said try Keen shoes – simply amazing. They were the first to figure out that steel or composite toe shoes could be made more comfortable by constructing the toe cap differently for the left and right foot. It’s fun to watch on a construction site how quickly word gets around about how comfortable these shoes are. Over the course of several months on a job 3/4 of the guys will end up switching to Keens.

  4. They basically invented the rubber-toed sandle category a decade or two ago. And having long ago moved to the world shoe design capital of Portland, OR have been on an expansionist roll ever since. Now even making heavier work boots in Portland. As does their cross town and much older “rival” Danner Boots.


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