Makita DC18RD 18V Lithium-Ion Dual Port Rapid Charger


As you know Makita introduced a bad a** drill (XPH07Z) a while back and we had a chance to take a look at the drill.  Now we haven’t posted the video or article yet, but it did win the tool fight.  Along with the drill, we also had a chance to check out their new 18V charger (DC18RD).  Now this isn’t your normal charger.  At first glance you can see it charges two batteries.  OK what’s the big deal.  Well it doesn’t charge the batteries the traditional way, in series.  The DC18RD charges both batteries at the same time, the way charging should be.  So no longer do you have to wait 80 mintues for 2 – 4.0Ah to charge. Now it will charge the same batteries in only 40 minutes.  See the table below for charge times.  Another cool feature to this charger is the built in USB plug.  We all have cell phones or tablets.  If your phone or tablet is a year old, we all know how much the batteries don’t hold a charge.  Now, you can just plug it into this charger and not worry. Plus you are now only taking up one outlet.

buyamazon1Makita DC18RD 18V Lithium-Ion Dual Port Rapid Optimum Charger

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy new batteries, this works with the existing Makita batteries.  The charger also has a fan to help cool the batteries and begin the charging process even quicker.  Along with the fan, the charger communicates with the batteries to help control current, voltage and temperature to help increase the life of your batteries.  If you have Makita batteries, I would highly recommend buying this charger.

  • Charges two (2) 18V Compact Lithium-Ion 2.0Ah batteries in only 25 minutes
  • Charges two (2) 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah batteries in only 30 minutes
  • Charges two (2) 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion 4.0Ah batteries in only 40 minutes
  • Charges two (2) 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah batteries in only 45 minutes





  1. I just picked this up along with two 5.0 amp HR. Batteries to power the 4 x2 tools I got. Weed whip, blower, circular saw and sds+ hammer drill. What a time saver this unit is. 2 5.0 batteries in 45 minutes, how great is that! No more down time for me.


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