Milwaukee’s New Concrete Bits


If you know Milwaukee, you know they aren’t one to sit around and be content for current products on the market.  They are always looking for ways to improve performance and improve production.  With that said, they upgraded their concrete bits.

Their new SDS Plus bits are suppose to be more efficient, which means longer life of your rotary hammer or cordless tool, so that’s a plus.  The new bits are not only more efficient in masonry, but also play nice with Rebar.  These bits aren’t suppose to lock up in Rebar as we have all had that happen.  Even when you are prepared and know there might be Rebar, it still is a surprise when the Rotary Hammer catches and jerks your arm and wrist.  The new bits have a 2 cutter or 4 cutter depending upon what bit you buy.  According to Milwaukee they have a reinforced flute design which increases impact resistance and transfers energy directly to the bit tip.

Milwaukee sent us a couple.  I don’t do a lot of concrete work, but I do have a buddy who does.  He does a lot with anchoring systems, so I gave them to him.  He is pretty hard to get a good read on, but he seems very happy with them.  You can buy different sizes as singles or they also have kits available.


  1. This might just be my first Milwaukee product in the workshop, I need to drill some holes in the workshop floor, for a project I am working on.


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