10+ Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!


Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away! Don’t be scrambling at the last minute to find the perfect gift for the most important women in your life. Here’s a list of great Mother’s Day gift ideas for mom at a variety of price points, covering a range of interests, and includes a few viral items that she’s likely been eye-balling. Best yet, all of these Mother’s Day gifts can be shipped to her home via Amazon or picked up at your local The Home Depot.

Alright, time to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift!

“Mom Mugs” & Drinkware

Mother's Day Gift Guide "Cool Mom Club" coffee cup

Coffee lover, wine-o, or just a water enthusiast – whatever mom likes to drink she’ll enjoy it in a fun cup or mug that reflects her style. There are literally so many styles to choose from and a variety of sayings on Amazon.

  • Customer Review: “I am so excited that I found these cute cups and the price was amazing. I bought 2 one for a gift and one to keep the only problem is I wish I would have bought more” – Amazon review.
  • Where to Buy: Shop a variety of “mom mugs” and drinkware on Amazon.

Cricut Mug Press Bundle

Mother's Day Gift Guide cricut mug press bundle

Didn’t see a mug that seemed “her”. Maybe that’s because mom is so unique and crafty she needs to make one herself (and then all of her friends, then more for the school fundraiser – the list goes on).

Get mom this cricut Mug Press Bundle for Mother’s Day and the opportunities are endless!

  • Customer Review: “Excellent product, huge fan of the cricut items and the bundle package was huge help” – The Home Depot review.
  • Where to Buy: $234 at The Home Depot.

Burro Buddy Garden Tray

Mother's Day Gift Guide garden tray for wheelbarrow

Does mom love spending all day out in the garden? Make that time even better for her with a wheelbarrow caddy that can hold her drink, her phone, and everything she needs to make the best of her time outdoors.

  • Customer Review: “This is an excellent product. It’s sturdy, fit perfectly in our wheelbarrow – really makes working in the yard with tools much easier. Holds a drink and has a place to store your phone.” – Amazon review.
  • Where to Buy: Available on Amazon.

Mail-Order Pink Orchid

Mother's Day Gift Guide mail-order pink orchid

Flowers aren’t cliche. They are beautiful and pleasant to look at, smell, and are just wonderful. Plus, orchids are pretty forgiving. This one only requires three weekly ice cubes and indirect light to survive. Perfect for any mom, including the ones with brown thumbs.

  • Customer Review: “The orchid is amazing and looks exactly like in the picture. I Love it. Will order more in the future.” – Home Depot review.
  • Where to Buy: Available at The Home Depot.

Personalized Mother’s Day Bracelet

Mother's Day Gift Guide personalized baby name bracelet for mom

A custom bracelet with the names of her children makes a great keepsake and Mother’s Day gift.

  • Customer Review: “I ordered this bracelet for my 2 granddaughters to give their Mom (my daughter) for Mother’s Day. I received it today and am so impressed with the quality and workmanship that I’m ordering one for myself with my 4 children and 2 grandchildren’s names and birthstones. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to get mine!!” – Amazon review.
  • Where to Buy: $18 on Amazon.
  • More Options: Browse more styles on Amazon and Etsy.

Viral Candle Warmer Lamp

Mother's Day Gift Guide viral candle warmer lamp

This viral candle warmer blows wax warmers out of the water! It provides a lovely ambient glow and you can even increase the intensity of your scented candles with its various heat settings. The perfect gift to help mom wind down at the end of a long day.

  • Customer Review: “Love the way this looks and works! Lots of adjustable features – the height of the lamp, the heat strength, etc. Also love the timer feature so I don’t have to remember to turn it off. Strength of the scent has more to do with the candle I’m sure, but turning up the heat of the lamp helps. Wish I hadn’t waited so long to purchase.” – Amazon review.
  • Where to Buy: On sale for $19.49 (68% off) on Amazon.

craftmix Cocktail/Mocktail Mix

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Whether she’s a cocktail drinker or simply likes to entertain she is going to LOVE this variety pack of cocktail mixes. Better yet, no alcohol is necessary to enjoy each of these fun flavors.

  • Customer Review: “These were really easy and straightforward to use and can be made into a cocktail, a mocktail, or even just stirred into regular tap water. I got the variety pack because I couldn’t decide which flavor to get (they all sounded so good!)”  – Amazon review.
  • Where to Buy: 11 different variety packs for $14.94 – 29.99 on Amazon.

Viral Chocolate Truffle Gift Box

Mother's Day Gift Guide chocolate truffle box

Chocolates are another solid choice, but go above and get her chocolates that she’s going to fantasize about until next Mother’s Day. This viral assortment of chocolate truffles from ZOE will do exactly that.

  • Customer Review: “I ABSOLUTELY love these! I’m a huge sugar fan and these truffles hit the spot. They melt in your mouth and I love the variety of white, milk and dark chocolate. They are the perfect gift and also perfect to snack on when you want to treat yourself to something special. Will be buying again!” – Amazon review.
  • Where to Buy: $22.95 – 26.95 on Amazon.

Viral Women’s Work Overalls from Dovetail

Is mom a DIY master? Dovetail Workwear is a favorite among female DIY’ers, gardeners, crafters, and skilled trade professionals. Dovetails describes these overalls as a “full-body toolbox” because there’s a pocket for everything. These straight-leg overalls are made of a 97% cotton/3% spandex blend and made with flex suspenders. So, not only can they hold everything, but mom can move around and do exactly what she needs to get the job done.

  • Customer Review: “I did not want to spend this much on a pair of overalls, but so glad I did. They were worth every penny. The material is high quality! You have the flexibility necessary for doing challenging physical and dirty tasks -whether outside or in a shop! You also have the protection! Best part for a woman… they’re flattering and have ALL the pockets!” – Amazon Review.
  • Where to Buy: $129 on Amazon.
  • More Women’s Workwear Suggestions: She Fits In: Women’s Workwear for Female DIY’ers & Professionals

Statement A&B Home Soy Wax Candle

Mother's Day Gift Guide statement soy wax candle

Mom doesn’t want any old candle in her house. She wants a non-toxic candle that enhances the decor of her home and all of her friends want to sneak into their purse when they stop by. This is that candle.

Deluxe Kombucha At-Home Brewing Kit

Mother's Day Gift Guide deluxe at-home kombucha growing kit

I know, does Mom really need another hobby? But look, she’s either going to throw herself into this fun new niche skill and hobby, or she’s going to continue drinking expensive kombucha from the store. I’m not telling you what to do, but your wallet might thank me.

  • Customer Review: “This kit has everything you need to make great Kombucha: quality ingredients and instructions. Tonight I sampled my first batch and was blown away.” – Amazon review.
  • Where to Buy: $89 on Amazon.
  • Don’t forget: pretty bottles for her homemade brew.
  • May as well: get her a sourdough starter kit.

Digital Gifts & Subscriptions

Digital gifts and subscriptions for Mother's Day

What’s better than a gift you don’t have to leave your house for or even wait for? The beauty of modern technology is the HUGE variety of digital gifts and subscriptions. You’re bound to find at least one she’ll love!

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