Graduates: Announce Your “Trade Proud” this National Skilled Trades Day

Stanley Black & Ducker

High school graduation is just around the corner and many students are proudly announcing the university and college programs they are entering this fall. It’s an exciting time for high schoolers, but students entering the skilled trades can feel left out. Enter Stanley Black & Decker’s “Trade Proud” initiative – a campaign designed to give students an opportunity to feel proud about their non-college plans and draw attention to the importance of the skilled trade profession.

Tomorrow, May 1, 2024, is also National Skilled Trades Day, and what better way for incoming skilled trade workers to celebrate than by announcing their post-high school career plans?

What is “Trade Proud”?

Trade Proud banner

Stanley Black & Decker wants high school students who are planning to enter the skilled trades after graduation to announce their post-high school plans with a free downloadable digital banners provided on their company website. They also encourage these students to use the hashtag #TradeProud in their social media announcements to build community for these students while promoting awareness for the skilled trade professions.

Why are the Skilled Trade Professions Important?

U.S. high schools have historically emphasized the importance of attending college after high school graduation, but fail to provide students with any information towards alternative career paths. In fact, the removal of Shop and Home Economics classes has pushed students further from the skilled trades and possibly contributed to the drop in people entering skilled trade professions.

This is a huge disservice to students because skilled trade jobs are in-demand, apprenticeships and most trade schools are more affordable than most universities, and they can enter the work force sooner. Skilled trade jobs also often pay well, have union benefits and opportunities, and are vital to the function of our modern world.

We thank plumbers and construction workers for our clean water and sewer systems. Electricians obviously provide electricity but also allow our hospitals and schools to function. Skilled trade professionals build the homes we live in, the roads we drive on, and the furniture and appliances we use.

Every part of our daily life – from function, to comfort, to health, is possible because of a skilled trade worker. Students entering the skilled trade professions deserve to be just as proud of their career decisions as their friends going to college.

Thank you Stanley Black & Decker for “Trade Proud” and allowing these students to be proud of their career decisions and reminding us of the importance of the skilled trade professions.


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