Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20

Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20

Since I first heard about the Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20, I have been wanting one so bad.  See, I am the guy who likes to jam out or at least have some background noise at all times.  I think when things are quiet and I am alone with my thoughts, I get too scared.  So when Milwaukee announced the wireless speakers, I was excited.

Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20

Now before I go on I want to clarify something.  Read the title again, this is a Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20, which means it’s just a speaker and speaker only.  There is not a radio tuner, charger or anything else.  It’s a plain simple wireless speaker.  This means you can control it straight from your phone from any app you want.  In fact, there are only a couple of buttons on this unit.  You have a power button, a Bluetooth button, Aux button and volume, that’s it.  So if you are expecting more, you might want to check out their M18 Jobsite Radio which has a tuner and other functions.  For me, I love having just a speaker.  I rarely listen to the radio because there is never anything on except commercials.  The only thing I ever listen to on the radio is the Cubs game, which I can now get online.

I think Milwaukee did a spectacular job with the design of the speaker, it’s plain, it’s simple.  I love the fact I can power this off of either an M12 battery or M18 battery, brilliant.  Don’t worry if you don’t own any Milwaukee batteries or have a dead battery as you can also plug this into the wall and power the unit that way.  The layout is great as it is shaped in a long Hexagon with one end having a handle to carry it around.  With the Hexagon design, it can lay on its side or stand it up.  The battery area is nice and big which means you can even fit a Milwaukee 9Ah battery on the unit and it will still sit flat.  Taking out the M12 battery is a little tight, but not impossible.

Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20On the back of the unit, there is a small door that has three plugins.  Here is where you can plug the provided power cord into.  You can also plug a USB cable into it or an Auxillary cord to listen to music instead of Bluetooth.

Milwaukee designed this with 2 High Definition Mid-Woofers, 2 High Range Tweeters, and 2 Passive Radiators.  While the unit is a hexagon, the speakers are located on three sides of the unit and not wrapped around the speaker.  I am sure if they had more speakers to make this a true 360° speaker, it would have been much bigger.

So let’s talk sound.  I have to say that I love the sound that comes from this unit.  Is it the loudest speaker I have ever heard? No, it’s not the loudest I have ever heard.  However, this little speaker jams.  I love the quality and depth of sound that comes from it.  How does it compare to the Bosch or the Dewalt?  We will be having a fight against each other and let you know.  I do know that I would much rather carry this unit around from place to place over the Bosch or the Dewalt as it’s lighter and smaller and has a great sound.  Not that I am knocking the Bosch or Dewalt because they are great systems, but they are different as this is just a speaker.  If you are looking to jam out on the job site and want a great sounding system, that is rock solid and can take some abuse, this is the speaker to have.  I think Milwaukee did an awesome job with the design and implementation of this speaker.  I am sure we will be seeing this speaker on just about every job site in the near future.

Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker 2891-20 Specification

  • Stream high definition music wirelessly with Bluetooth® from over 100ft
  • Compatible with M12 and M18 Batteries
  • 2 Passive Radiators (Bass)
  • 2 High Definition Mid-Woofers
  • 2 High Range Tweeters
  • IP54 water and dust protected.
  • Impact resistant roll cage.
  • Protected 2.1A USB power outlet.
  • Length 7.5″
  • Weight 5.3 Lbs
  • Height 6.5″
  • Width 13.75″



  1. Thanks to comp for bringing these front page write ups to our attention on the forum, i usually forget about this here hahah
    I’m not a radio guy, but a buddy let me borrow his and it’s not the full sound with good bass like the m18 radio/charger, but the highs and mids are phenomenal when listening to strings, only gripe is i wish it had a handle on both sides, not just the one

  2. I won this speaker when you guys did the massive 62 tool giveaway and first off THANKS Again!!!! but man ive used this thing alot! it sounds great ive even taken it to a park we go to weekly and jam out. one time the sprinklers came on and the none tool aficionados were like ahhhh its wet its wet looks like he’s gonna have to buy another one. i told them “look at me, do i look worried?” I even picked it up and let the sprinkler soak it some more… I was having a “MAN MOMENT.” The speaker after 6 months has been kicking butt with no problems and i run it off m12’s.


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