Milwaukee Heated Jacket & Hoodie

Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Let’s get one thing straight, we are not owned by Milwaukee tool.  Now I know by now you’re not believing me, but trust us.  Milwaukee releases so much stuff, it’s hard not to flood the site with Milwaukee.  Can you name one other company that is releasing this many products?  Well I am sure glad the products are high quality.  Would much rather be telling you everyday about a quality product than a crappy product.  So here we are once again, new Milwaukee heated gear.  This time it’s their new heated jackets and hoodies.  I am going to be covering the camo version, while in the video below, we show you some of the other jackets they have available.  Now I included some pictures of the came jacket and hoodie below, but not sure if you can see them.  Trust me, if you can see them, it means one of two things. Either the Realtree camo isn’t that good or you have some incredible eyes and need to tell your optometrist you can throw away your glasses or contacts.  In all seriousness, I am glad Milwaukee went with the RealTree as it’s an awesome camouflage.

Milwaukee Heated Hoodie – 2383

Milwaukee Heated JacketIf you are a hoodie guy, this is not only a cool looking hoodie, but a practical hoodie, especially for hunting.  You know what it’s like.  Sitting in a tree stand for hours.  No music, no talking, no eating, well except for a little venison jerky.  You feel that morning or night cold just seeping through your favorite hoodie and hope to shiver just enough to get the blood flowing and get you warm.  Well those days are behind with the Milwaukee Heated camo Hoodie.  That’s right.  Just in case you have been in your tree stand too long, Milwaukee has a ton of heated gear and lucky for us, they have a camo version.

The heated hoodie is powered by their M12 line of batteries.  The heated hoodie has 3 Carbon Fiber heating elements that are positioned in the key core areas to help keep you warm.  Not only do you get this warm through heating capability, but the hoodie also has a water resistant polyester exterior and waffle-weave thermal liner to distribute and maintain heat.  Now even if you have your lucky jacket and you want to wear that, no issues there.  Just use the hoodie as an undergarment to help keep the chill out when you need it the most.  Oh, don’t worry.  The hoodie features a noise-reducing fabric, so even the deer won’t hear you.  Now they might smell you, but at least they won’t hear you.  You will get up to 6 hours of continuous use on low from a compact battery.  I don’t use the heating feature of this hoodie much, but when I do, I never have it on for all 6 hours.  I usually heat up the hoodie and turn it off after I am a little warmer.

Milwaukee Heated Hoodie Specifications

  • Color RealTree Xtra® Camouflage
  • Outer Material Noise Reducing, Water Resistant Polyester
  • Inner Material Waffle Weave Cotton/Polyester Blend
  • Pockets (2) Outer
  • Cuff Type Rib Knit
  • Insulated No
  • Weather Resistant Yes
  • Heat Elements Core Zone: R Chest, L Chest, Back
  • Heat Settings (3) Heat Settings: High, Medium, Low
  • Run-Time (Core Zone Only) M12™ REDLITHIUM Compact Battery – 6hr (Low); 3.5hr (Medium); 2.5hr (High)
  • Washing Washer and Dryer Safe
  • Warranty: 1 Year



Milwaukee Heated Jacket 221C21

Milwaukee Heated JacketIs the hoodie not your style?  Don’t worry, you can get a camo heated jacket.  While the hoodie has a hood, the jacket doesn’t.  The jacket is also powered by the M12 Milwaukee battery line.  As with the hoodie, the jacket uses a carbon fiber heating element to produce heat around your core regions.  One thing the hoodies lack, the jacket takes care of.  The hoodie doesn’t have heated pockets, but the jacket does.  So with the jacket you get heat to the chest, back and front hand pockets.  If you’re a fan of RealTree, you will be happy to know that this jacket uses the RealTree pattern.

On the outside of the jacket, there is a QuietShell Stretch Polyester which reduces noise from movement, and provides wind and water resistance.  FreeFlex™ Mobility Gussets provide enhanced mobility.  The controller is located on the inside of the jacket where you can select the temperature and what you want to heat.  You can heat the core areas or just the hands or both.  The run time on low is about 8 hours.  While the hoodie doesn’t have any insulation, the jacket does have some to help keep the heat in and cold out.

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Specifications

  • Color RealTree Xtra® Camouflage
  • Outer Material QUIETSHELL™ Stretch Polyester
  • Inner Material Brushed Tricot
  • Pockets 2 Heated Lower Hand Pockets + Cell Phone/MP3 Chest Pocket
  • Hooded – No
  • Weather Resistant Wind/Water Resistant
  • Heat Elements Core Zone: R Chest, L Chest, Back; Pocket Zone: Lower Pockets
  • Heat Settings (3) Heat Settings: High, Medium, Low
  • Washing Washer and Dryer Safe
  • Warranty – One Year

Bottom Line

Overall I love the heated gear from Milwaukee.  The stuff lasts and the elements don’t seem to make it fade, even after washing.  The jacket seems like it produces as much heat from when it was new to being a couple of years old.  My only complaint is where they placed the battery on these jackets.  For some reason they have them located towards the back of the jacket.  This makes it a little hard to change the battery and also uncomfortable when sitting in your truck.  Other than those items, I have nothing to complain about.  The jackets are quality and just plain cool, well I guess warm.




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