Milwaukee HackZall Review

Milwaukee HackZall Review

Demolition work requires power tools that are up to the task.  They need to be efficient, powerful and have decent speed to get the job done.  As you know, Milwaukee invented the reciprocating saw so it’s no surprise that they took it up a notch with the introduction of the one-handed cordless HackZall model 2719.  So let’s jump in and check out the Milwaukee HackZall Review.

Milwaukee HackZall Review – Overview

Every time we make a mistake, build an addition or destroy things, we need a reciprocating saw.  Sometimes it as simple as removing pipes other times it’s much larger like removing a room from the house.

Either way, you need to have a good reciprocating saw around.  You need one that is powerful, won’t vibrate the heck out of your hands or arms and one that can stand up to the abuse.

This is where Milwaukee comes in.  They have been designing reciprocating saws from the beginning.  They have made the word SawZall a common name for a reciprocating saw which says a lot.  So recently they introduced a one-handed reciprocating saw.

Milwaukee HackZall Review

The HackZall runs off their M18 line of batteries.  While you can use any battery on this tool, we found the 5 Ah battery to be the best.  The 9Ah battery is nice but it adds weight to a well-balanced power tool.

Milwaukee HackZall Review – Features

Milwaukee HackZall Review

The saw is designed around a brushless motor with a 7/8″ stroke length.  The motor produces a stroke of 3,000 SPM.

Milwaukee HackZall Review

While you can use this with two hands, it is designed for those times when you can only use one hand.  So as you would expect the balance is pretty good.  The grip is a traditional Milwaukee grip with a nice rubber wrap around and a little textured for grip purposes.

Milwaukee HackZall Review

The variable speed trigger is designed to use with one finger.  We found it fairly easy to keep a consistent speed, especially when using a metal blade and you start out slow.

Milwaukee HackZall Review

There is a lock button located right about the variable speed trigger.  This is easy to operate with your thumb and index finger while holding onto the saw.

Milwaukee HackZall Review

Milwaukee uses the same blade clamp as they do with their larger saws which means even during heavy use or binding, the blade will stay in place.  While it doesn’t eject the blade, it’s very easy to insert and remove blades.

Milwaukee HackZall Review

There is a single LED light located on the front of the saw.  While it won’t blow you away, it does a nice job putting a little light on the area you are working on.

Milwaukee HackZall Review

While the shoe is removable you can’t adjust the length, the shoe will pivot which is a very nice feature.

Milwaukee HackZall Review – Performance

By looking at the tool you wouldn’t think it’s fast or powerful since it’s not large like a traditional reciprocating saw.  Well, don’t let the size fool you.  This HackZall packs a powerful punch with speed.

Milwaukee HackZall Review

Cutting through a 2×4 was extremely easy and quick.  I was surprised how little vibration I felt in my hands or arms.

Milwaukee HackZall Review

We decided to take it up a notch and go through 2 – 2x4s with a couple screws embedded into the wood.

Milwaukee HackZall Review

I am sure it’s no surprise to anyone that it didn’t even break a sweat for this task.

Sure a lot has to do with the blade but you also need a good tool to move that blade back and forth which the Milwaukee HackZall can do effortlessly and efficiently.

Milwaukee HackZall Review – Value

You can pick this up at The Home Depot for about $250 and that is for model 2719-21 which includes a 5Ah battery and a charger.  They also sell this as a bare tool and with two batteries.  For a single battery and the tool for $250 is a pretty good deal considering how much time this will save you during those tough jobs.  The tool is built for speed and to get the job done quickly, which it excels at performing.

Milwaukee HackZall Review – Final Thoughts

When it comes to reciprocating saws, Milwaukee isn’t just the inventor but they are the leader in this category.  The M18 One-Handed Hackzall is a perfect tool for the contractor who needs mobility, speed, and power.

The 2719 Hackzall is powerful and will tackle any task at hand.  With the ability to use this with one or two hands makes this a mobile-friendly power tool.  Anyone who needs a reciprocating saw should take a look at the Milwaukee HackZall.  Perfect for getting into those tight areas.



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