OLFA Knife Review

OLFA Knife Review

Let’s face it, everywhere you look you can find some type of utility knife.  Seems like every manufacturer has some knife they are selling.  You can spend anything from $5 up to, well let’s just say a lot.  For me, there are four things I need in a utility knife.  I want a comfortable grip, an easy to use knife (open and changing blades), a quality knife that won’t break and blades that stay sharp longer.  Pretty simple, right?  Well, it turns out it’s not that simple.  I have gone through so many utility knives over the years.  While I have found a couple I like such as the Milwaukee knife, I haven’t found a knife that does it all.  So speaking of that let’s jump into the OLFA Knife Review.

OLFA Knife Review Overview

Most utility knives use a trapezoid blade which is great for a number of reasons, such as it’s easy to find blades at any store.  However, one downside to these blades is you really only get two uses out of them before you have to throw them out.  Once one side is dull, you can flip over the blade and you have one more use before you have to trash the blade.  Not a bad deal for general use, but what about those times such as drywall where you eat through blades?  Those times it can be a little frustrating eating away your blades and always having to change them.

Another downside to trapezoid blades is you can only use them for certain projects.  Trapezoid blades are not the best tool for cutting insulation because you really need a longer blade.

One way around these two main problems mentioned above of using trapezoid blades is using Snap-Off blades.  The problem with snap-off blades is usually they are junk.  The knife is cheap, the blades are junk and the blades snap when you don’t want them to.

Junk no more, we found a quality snap-off knife that is comfortable, easy to use, blades don’t break and the blades stay sharp for a long time.  The OLFA LA-X Heavy Duty Snap-Off Knife.

OLFA Knife Review Features

OLFA Knife Review

The handle features a wrap-around soft rubber grip over a fiberglass reinforced body for lightweight, strength, and comfort.

OLFA Knife Review

On the back of the knife, there is a multi-purpose metal pick which you can use for prying and as a screwdriver.

OLFA Knife Review

On the back of the knife, there is a tether notch.

OLFA Knife Review

To open or close the knife, there is an auto-lock blade actuator.  This allows you to slide the blade to any length and in any position.

OLFA Knife Review

Pressing down on the blade actuator and moving in the reverse direction will allow you to change the blades.

OLFA Knife Review

OLFA uses a stainless steel blade channel which runs the full length of the blade.  This means more support and the stainless will not rust.

OLFA has a bunch of blades to pick from which are the snap-off straight blades, insulation blades and hook blades.  Perfect for a variety of applications.

The straight blade offers seven perforations which means you can snap it that many times and have a total of eight new sharp blades before you need to make any changes.  With the trapezoid, you only get two.

OLFA Knife Review Performance

The one thing I love about this knife is the wide variety of applications you can use it with.  For me, I think this is a quality knife and one that will last a long time.  The last couple of snap off knives I have used have been junk.  The OLFA breaks the mold and I love the design.

There are two different cutting positions that make this knife unique and easy to use.  With a normal trapezoid blade, you have to carry around four blades to equal what you get with this single blade.  This makes it perfect for when you are using it for those applications that eat away your blades.

When you snap your blade off you can do it a couple of different ways.  You can use a pair of pliers to snap the blade or you can buy this disposable can and snap it right off in the can.  Once the can is full, you can throw it in the garbage.

While I love this knife, I do wish you could store some extra blades on the knife.  Not a huge deal since it’s a snap off knife and they do offer a nice carrying case for extra blades, but I am used to always having a couple blades on me.

OLFA Knife Review Value

The knife retails for about $11 which is a steal.  Considering the quality of the knife, versatility and the ease of use, $11 is hard to beat.

Sure you can find knives for less, but what do you really get with those knives?  Again, don’t get this snap off knife confused with the knock-off junk snap off knives on the market.  This one is a quality knife with quality blades.

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OLFA Knife Review Final Thoughts

Now I can sit here and tell you how much I love this utility knife, but this is just one of those tools you will have to try out yourself and really get a good feel to see if this is right for you.  For me, I love the quality and comfort.  I love how the blades stay sharp and don’t break off easy unless you want them to.  Last, I love the versatility with these knives.



  1. I’ve been using a machete to cut insulation for decades. Beats the crap out of utility blades. Other than that, I use both the original type utility knives, as well as snap off blades, depending on what job I am working on. This is the first time I have heard of the OLFA brand. Will have to try it out some time.


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