OLFA Knife Giveaway – 250 Knives


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If you read our OLFA Knife Review, you know how much we love these utility knives.  The knives are comfortable to use, made from quality material and the blades last a long time.  Plus let’s face it, the snap off feature is great.

This is one of those tools that you have to have in your hand and use to really appreciate.  So starting today OLFA said they will give away 250 knives to the first 250 people who request them.  Pretty cool isn’t it?  You don’t have to do this, but we always love hearing feedback from people once they use a product.  Once you get the knife, let us know your thoughts.  Leave a message below, on our Power Tool Forum or on our review of the knife.


If you try the knife and leave a review on OLFA.com, you can earn a free shirt.

Get Your FREE OLFA Knife Today

Okay, so where do you go to get this knife?  Just follow the link below and the instruction to claim your free knife.  Just make sure you are one of the first 250 people.





  1. Thanks for the link. I filled out the form, but I am not sure that it took, as when I hit the button to submit my info, the page just blanked out without any confirmation.

  2. I just received one of these knives this morning, but it had someone else’ name on the package. It had my address and phone number, but my name is not Justin Gould. I feel like I stole someone’s new toy…

    Outside of that, this is a really nice utility blade. Much better than I expected it to be. Fits well in the hand, and feels like a good solid tool. Color me impressed. Do I get to keep it?

  3. Has anyone else received their knife yet? I have a confirmation and know from experience that a lot of the time it can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks (sometimes longer) before things arrive from companies when they’re shipping out a lot of samples but it’s been 6 1/2 weeks and I was curious.

  4. Just got mine today. Looks very high quality. Much nicer than my Stanley that I have had for years. Can’t wait to start cutting into some insulation with this blade.


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