Milwaukee Drill Bit Review

Milwaukee Drill Bit Review

Milwaukee Tool is known for their cordless power tools however we tend to forget that they have a whole separate division that creates and produces power tool accessories such as drill bits.  So we wanted to spread the love and cover something that is often overlooked, the Milwaukee Cobalt drill bits and the Milwaukee Titanium drill bits.  So let’s jump into the Milwaukee Drill Bit Review.

Milwaukee Drill Bit Review Overview

Look around and you can find just about anyone making drill bits, they are a dime a dozen.  However, if you want something that is quality and will last, I would suggest sticking with a major manufacturer.  When a major manufacturer puts a name on a product, they are putting their reputation on the line.  So it’s in their best interest to create the best possible drill bit.

Speaking of quality drill bits, Milwaukee has two new sets available:

  • Milwaukee 19 Piece Cobalt Drill Bit Set (48-89-2530)
  • Milwaukee 19 Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set (48-89-4860)

Cobalt vs Titanium Drill Bits

Cobalt bits are designed for tough surfaces.  They are a special formulation of high-speed steel with Cobalt added.  This allows these bits to withstand high-temperature drilling applications.  Cobalt bits are designed for hard surfaces such as cast iron, stainless steel, and even titanium.  Normally you don’t want to use these for general purpose uses.

Titanium uses a high-speed steel with a coating of titanium nitride.  These bits are designed to last much longer and stay sharper longer than traditional standard high-speed steel bits.  Titanium allows the drill bits to penetrate hard surfaces and makes them corrosion resistant.

Milwaukee Drill Bit Review Features

Milwaukee Drill Bit Review

Before we jump into the bits, Milwaukee sells these sets that come in a nice hard plastic case.  The case not only protects the bits when not in use but allows you to stay organized.

Milwaukee Drill Bit Review

Each drill bit has a specific spot and each spot is well marked and easy to read.

Milwaukee Drill Bit Review

The drill bits tilt up which makes it easy to remove or put the drill bits back into place.

Milwaukee Drill Bit Review

The tip of the bits features a chip breaker which decreases heat build-up, which means they don’t wear as quickly and therefore last you longer.

Milwaukee Drill Bit Review

Milwaukee uses a variable helix which means these are designed to remove material very fast compared to your traditional drill bits.

While we did some drilling with these bits, this is something that needs to be time-tested.  We ran these through oak, pine, PVC and stainless steel and the bits did awesome.  We ended up giving these to our contractor who is working on my house and will get his feedback after using for a while.  We will post this on our Instagram page, so stay tuned.

Milwaukee Drill Bit Review Final Thoughts

We have used Milwaukee drill bits in the past and have always had great luck with them.  They tend to stay sharp and last a long time, just as long as you use them correctly.  The case is awesome to make sure you stay organized and protect the bits when not in use.  Next time you are at The Home Depot, try them out and let us know what you think.


  1. I have the titanium set and they work perfectly. The plastic case is nice – don’t have to worry about scratching surfaces. #tiacrew

  2. The drill bits are pretty decent, but the plastic case is cool if you don’t mind cutting your fingers up every time you pull a bit out. Very sucky. Then when you put the bit back you don’t want to push it all the way back in the hole because you know you will jack your fingers up the next time you grab a bit out. I use these drill bits daily and I think I’ll just put them in a mayonnaise jar and call it good!


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