Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

When it comes to measuring and lasers, Bosch is known for being one of the front-runners in this category.  Over the years we have done a fair amount of Bosch lasers and they have consistently performed in regards to durability and performance.  So let’s jump into the Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review Overview

As you know, most power tool manufacturers have some type of cross-line laser in their product line.  When it comes to lasers and measuring, Bosch has a ton to pick from.  One of my favorites of all time is the Bosch GLL 3-80, which is far more pricey than the Bosch GLL 2.

While the 3 plane laser is very cool, not everyone needs all three lines.  That is when the Bosch GLL 2 cross-line laser with 2 planes comes in handy and won’t make your wallet lighter.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review Features

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

The Bosch GLL 2 is powered by 2 AA batteries that produce a horizontal and vertical line.  These lines work independently or you can use them at the same time.

The cross-line laser has an accuracy of up to ±3/16-in @ 30-ft.  The range of the laser is 30′ and weighs about .5 lbs.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

Bosch designed this with a red laser and is a call IIM 650nm, =1 mW.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

On the top of the laser, there is a single red button.  Press it once and the laser will turn on.  Both the horizontal and vertical lines will be on.  Press the button again and you will see the horizontal line.  With another press of the button, you will get a vertical line.  For the last press, the unit will turn off and you can repeat the pattern to get your desired line.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

On the side of the laser is a slide switch.  This will lock and unlock the laser.  The laser is self-leveling up to 4°.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

You can use this laser 3 different ways.  You can use the included mounting bracket, use a tripod with the 1/4-20 mounting thread or you can use it on a flat surface.

As discussed earlier, the laser will produce 2 different lines, a vertical, a horizontal or both lines.

One feature I like is on top of the laser you will notice a green or red light.  If you see the green light on, you know the laser is unlocked and the self-leveling will take over.  If you see a red light, then the laser is locked.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

The laser comes with a mounting bracket.  With the mounting bracket, you can adjust the laser to show on any level or in any direction.  I have to say this mount is one of the best we have seen.  Easy to use and very versatile.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review Performance

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

I usually don’t find too many mounting devices useful.  Sure, they all have some purpose but I have seen plenty that don’t offer the freedom of mounting and movement.

This is probably the best and easiest mounting device I have seen with a cross-line laser.  With this mounting device, it’s easy to set up and have your line anywhere you want.

The one thing I would love to see with this laser is a storage option.  Once you take it out of the box, it’s just the laser and mount.  A small bag or plastic case would have been nice.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

The red line is bright and extremely easy to see during inside usage.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

This is about 5″ away and you can easily pick up the line without any issues.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review

Here is an example of the line being about 25′ away.  I was able to see the light on the fence.  However, it was hard for the camera to focus and pick it up so I can show you.  Now, this was on an overcast day.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review Value

The Bosch GLL 2 retails for about $57 on Amazon.  I know you can buy another cross-line laser for cheaper and also more money.  However, with Bosch being one of the leaders in this category, the $55 is a steal.

Considering this mounting device makes this capable of putting a line anywhere, how can you can wrong?  So in the end, this is a great deal at $55.

Bosch GLL 2 Laser Review Final Thoughts

When it comes to cross-line lasers, it’s hard to beat the line of Bosch lasers.  They offer a wide selection of lasers and each one we have tested over the years has been great.  Both durable and dependable, just what everyone needs in the field.  The price is fair, the mounting device is practical and the line is easy to see.  That’s a must buy in my book.



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