Milwaukee Wrench Review

Milwaukee Wrench Review

As you know Milwaukee Tool isn’t shy about releasing new tools.  Now, this is probably an exaggeration but it seems like Milwaukee releases more tools each year than all other power tool manufacturers combined.  The one thing I will give Milwaukee is that even though they release a ton of tools, they never cut corners.  They always dump a ton of money and time into research and development.  They never release a tool just to release a tool.  Even though hand tools and especially wrenches are in abundance in the marketplace, Milwaukee took them and added their spin to this rock solid tool.  So let’s jump into the Milwaukee Wrench Review.

Milwaukee Wrench Review Overview

In case you didn’t know, Milwaukee has been hitting the hand tool market with force.  While they have been releasing a ton of hand tools, one tool they never really developed was a combination wrench, well until now.

I know what you are thinking, not another wrench.  The market is filled with them.  You can buy anything from a cheap wrench to one that will clean out your wallet.  Well, that never stopped Milwaukee and it shouldn’t stop you from checking out the new Milwaukee combination wrenches.

They released two new kits.

  • 15 Piece Combination Wrench Set (Metric) – 48-22-9515
    • Includes 8mm – 22mm
  • 15 Piece Combination Wrench Set (SAE) – 48-22-9415
    • Includes 1/4″ – 1″

Milwaukee Wrench Review Features

I am going to do this a little backward.  Instead of jumping into the wrench, I want to talk about the organization and quick identification of each wrench.  As you know if you lay out 30 wrenches in a toolbox, you lose a lot of room and most of the time it’s hard to organize.  When you buy the 15 piece set, you get a cool plastic case that fits into the Milwaukee toolbox.  Even if you use it in the thin drawers, both sets fit and the drawer closes.

On the side of each case, you can clearly see the size of a wrench so if you grab a couple, it’s easy to put back in the same space.  Notice one tray is red and one is black.  The black is metric and the red is SAE.

Milwaukee Wrench Review

The wrenches are also easy to identify.  Even on the wrench, it’s color coordinated with black being metric and red being SAE.  Milwaukee uses ink-filled labels which means they will last and be easy to identify, even after heavy years of use.

Milwaukee Wrench Review

Milwaukee designed these wrenches with a comfortable I-Beam design.  While most wrenches are thin and can hurt your hands when using a lot of force, the Milwaukee wrenches are thicker and have rounded edges which are much more comfortable.  Even the indent in the middle of the wrench is a nice place to rest your thumb and help with control of the tool.

Milwaukee Wrench Review

Milwaukee designed these with what they call a “Max Bite” design.  The Max Bite greatly improves the grip on nuts and bolts and also helps prevent stripping.  Since this has a tighter fit, you can obviously get more torque when using these wrenches.  Always a plus when working with nuts and bolts that haven’t been removed in years.

Milwaukee Wrench Review Performance

These wrenches are extremely comfortable and a nice break away from the traditional wrench that is thin and uncomfortable.  I like how these are thicker, but especially love the rounded corners.

The Max Bite is a great addition to these wrenches.  As you can see when I was dissembling Dan’s truck, it has a nice fit on the nut.  Now If I can just figure out what to do with all the leftover nuts and bolts.  I tried to put it back together but have some leftover parts.

Milwaukee Wrench Review Value

If you are used to buying inferior wrenches, you might balk at the $130 price tag for 15 wrenches.  So if you are buying both and my math is correct, that is $260 for 30 wrenches.  I know that does should like a lot, but it is competitive with other wrenches of this caliber.

If you break it down further, it’s about $8.70 per wrench which really isn’t that bad to have a quality wrench that you can rely on and now you can put a lot of pressure on the wrench and not strip the bolt or nut.

Milwaukee Wrench Review Final Thoughts

I don’t use hand tools every day but I can appreciate a good set of wrenches and that is exactly what Milwaukee created.  Considering that they offer a lifetime guarantee, these are a good buy.  They are comfortable and the Max Bite seems to be a great feature to help provide a better fit so you can apply more torque when loosening or tightening a nut or bolt.


  1. I just looked at the packaging it doesn’t say what they’re made of ( my guess would be chrome vanadium) they’re made in Taiwan. I’m not a tech but I fix my own stuff when I can. I’ve used these twice now and love em. First was on an airbag on my 7 year old semi. Pretty impressed the open end broke loose the mounting bolts with no slippage. Today I replaced a power steering hose on a 20 year old pickup couldn’t get my line wrench on it had one of these milwaukee wrenches kinda cockeyed on the fastener and got it broke loose with no slipping.

  2. I also have a semi (with over a million miles on it) the first use on mine like the other guy was an airbag fastener. I used the open end just to see how it preformed. No slippage whatsoever on a part bolted to a frame that lives in the upper Midwest with the salt and sand ECT. My next project was a mudflap hanger had a little issue here. I tried a longer inferior wrench ( all of this is cockeyed on the nut wrench at an angle) it slipped. So I got the millwaukee. And dust to it being shorter it was very tough to get leverage. HOWEVER! I put a much bigger box end over that millwaukee to add leverage. Even though the wrench was not on the nut correctly and I had to add leverage I had no slippage. Great wrench!!


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