Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

I am sure you have heard of Troy Bilt but have you heard of MTD?  MTD (Modern Tool and Die Company) is an American manufacturer of OPE products.  Their roots can be traced back to 1932.  They are a family-owned company.  They own companies such as Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Yard-Man, and Bolens, which are all great brands.  So when you think of Troy Bilt, think of a quality company, that has the financial backing to make quality products.  So let’s jump into the Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Overview

For this review, we are going to cover the Troy Bilt Storm 2625 Snow Thrower.  While this is a sponsored post, it doesn’t change the way we feel about this machine or the company.  As always we remain unbiased with our reviews.  This snow thrower is a two-stage unit.  Now if you have never owned one of these machines, you can either pick from a single stage, two stage or three stage snow throwers.

A single stage is for lighter snow and has a single auger.  A two-stage is designed for more snow and has two augers, one to pull the snow to the chute and the other auger throws it.  Plus a two-stage is usually powered by gas, where a single stage can be gas or battery.  There are more differences, but that is the main difference you really need to know before we jump into the Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review.

While you can get away with a single stage snow thrower, a two-stage makes life so much easier as it usually has more features, more power and is much easier on the back, but it does come at a higher price tag.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Features

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

Troy-Bilt built this machine around a 243cc Troy-Bilt Engine.  Which means this has plenty of power to tackle heavy snowfalls.  The machine is all wheel drive with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

The snow thrower is a two-stage which means the first auger will feed the snow into the second auger.  The second auger spins faster and allows the snow thrower to throw the snow far.  As you can see the snow thrower has a nice large opening and has a 26″ clearing width with a 21″ intake height.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

One great feature of this machine is a user can either pull start the engine or it does have an electric start.  Just plug the unit in and push a button, how cool is that?

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

Starting the engine is extremely simple.  Turn the top knob to choke, prime the unit 3 to 5 times and set the throttle to high.  We found it would start on either the first or second pull no matter how cold it was outside.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

From a users standpoint, there are four main controls to the Troy Bilt.  On the left handle, there is a lever.  Push this down and it will activate the auger.  On the right handle, if you push this lever down, it will activate the self-propel mode forward or backward.

In the middle, there is a joystick on the left which controls the chute left or right.  The chute has a 200° chute rotation. A user still has to walk around and manually move the chute up or down.  The stick on the right controls your forward or reverse speed.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

The stick to control the chute is a little hard to get used to.  You have to press the red button and move the stick left or right.  Sometimes it seems like you are pushing the red button, but it won’t turn.  After we were operating for a good ten minutes, we got the hang of it and it was fairly easy.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

The snow thrower is equipt with no flat tires.  This means they don’t require air and will never go flat, which is always a plus in the dead of winter.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

The tank holds 1/2 gallon of gas.  We never did a run test but we were able to do four large driveways without having to refill.  You can see the pictures below and get an idea of the size of the driveways.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

On the front of the machine, there is an incandescent bulb to help shine some light in your working direction.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

On the front of the machine, there is a clearing stick in case the chute or unit gets packed with snow.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Performance

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review

I own a single stage snowblower and while it does make my life easier, my back and shoulders end up hurting by the time I am done.  With this snow thrower, since it pretty much does all the work, I am just walking behind it and nothing hurts when I am done.

Doesn’t matter how deep the snow is or how heavy it is, this snow thrower ran through it without any issues.  Dan took the Ventrac and built up mounds to simulate the end of a driveway where the plow dumps a ton of snow.  Even with a big mound, the snow thrower went through it without any issues.

While the chute lever was a little stiff and hard to get used to, we were eventually able to get the hang of it and operate it smoothly.

For me, the no flat tires had their pros and cons.  I love not having to ever deal with flat tires in the cold, but I noticed that it did come at a sacrifice of traction.  I am not saying the traction was bad, but I could tell it’s not nearly as good as the rubber tires.  However, when moving this snow unit around, it slides nicely because of the tires.

We let Dan’s neighbor, Terry, try out the Troy Bilt.  He had the same feedback as we did.  He loved the machine and thought it was powerful and had a good build quality to it.  It also took him a little time to get used to working with the chute lever.  But all in all, he loved it and thought it was a great snow thrower.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Value

The unit retails for about $800.  You can buy units for more or less, but considering this is a Troy Bilt and how well it worked, I think this represents a decent value.  MTD makes great products and I am sure this will last for years.  Just remember to always use fresh gas or treated gas.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Final Thoughts

I have to admit, I am a little sad.  While I love this snow thrower, it’s just too big for my property.  For Dan’s property, it’s perfect.  I love this machine and love how it really does the work for you.  Other than a couple times where the driveway meets the grass, I never felt like I had to fight using this machine.  The only time was when there was a dip in the grass, the machine did want to wonder that way.

All in all, I think this is well built and suited for the homeowner or even the landscaper who does snow plowing in the offseason.

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  1. I have a troy bilt storm 26. Just replaced the auger belt WORKS beautiful The wheels turn even spin and have properly adjusted the rail height to 1/4 inch . WHY does it now Rise up in snow live a boat going up on a plane?


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