Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

Yesterday we took a look at the Troy Bilt snow thrower review, model 2625.  Today, we are going to cover a gas snow thrower that is a little more expensive but has more features.  This is the Cadillac of snow throwers in this class.  So let’s jump into the Troy Bilt Storm™ 2690 XP review.  This article is sponsored by MTD.

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Overview

If you read the review yesterday, then you are probably already familiar with Troy Bilt and how MTD is the parent company.  MTD is known for their quality products and their OPE products.  While this is a sponsored post, it doesn’t change the way we feel about this machine or the company.  As always we remain unbiased with our reviews.

If you live in an area that gets lots of snow or you have to deal with wet snow, you have to move from a single stage to a two-stage snow thrower.  You need that extra power to break the snow up and be able to throw it great distances.  Have you ever tried to throw snow with a single stage?  I am not talking about the light snow.  I am talking about the wet, heavy snow or the snow at the end of your driveway from the plows.  If you have, you know how difficult it can be for a single stage snow thrower and that is where the two-stage comes into play.

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Features

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

Troy Bilt took their custom 243cc 4-cycle OHV engine and designed a quality snow thrower around it.

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

This machine has a 26″ clearing width with a 21″ intake.  The snow thrower is a two-stage snow thrower so you can throw wet, heavy and icy snow.  The machine has a 12″ serrated steel auger.

One cool feature of this machine is you can either use the pull start or the electric start to power up this unit.

Just put the choke into the start position, push the primer 3 to 5 times and put the idle on high.

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

All the main controls are located behind the machine.  So when you are using it, you never have to leave the back of the machine, not even to adjust the chute.

On the left side, you can pull a lever down and the auger will engage.  The right lever is to engage the self-propelled.  Yes, it’s all that simple.

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

To adjust the chute left, right, up or down, there is a thumb switch for your right thumb.  While you are walking behind the machine, it’s very easy and fast to adjust where you want to throw the snow.

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

To adjust the speed, you pull back or push forward the stick.  There are six-speeds for forward and two speeds for reverse.  Under each handle are two levers which control the right or left of the unit.

If you are going to be outside for an extended period of time, that is where one awesome feature comes into play, the heated grips.  I like how you can manually turn the heated grips on or off since you might not want them on all the time.

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

The unit comes with pneumatic tires, 15″ x 5″ X-Trac snow tires.  I found the grip to be awesome with these tires and it didn’t slide even on the wet asphalt.  These tires are perfect for the all-wheel drive operation.

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

On the front of the machine, there is a clearing stick in case snow gets packed in the chute.

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

The gas tank holds a 1/2 gallon of gas which is a surprise.  For how much we used it throughout the day, we never had to fill it up.

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

The skid shoes are adjustable and also reversible.

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

On the front of the snow thrower, there is an incandescent light bulb.

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Performance

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

While using this snow thrower, I have to admit I was extremely surprised and excited at the same time.  Dan used the Ventrac and piled up snow.  There were a couple of piles I thought it would never get through.  Not only did it throw the snow far away, but it did it without putting a strain on my back or arms.

The machine pretty much does everything for you.  All I had to do was point it in a direction and the snow thrower did the rest.  Best of all, when I was done for the day, my back or arms weren’t hurting like they do when I am using my single stage snowblower.

Troy Bilt 2690 Review

The heated grips are a nice touch and great for the user who will be spending an extended period of time outside.  Also, I love having the different speeds so I can easily control the speed to where I am using it.  For the long runs, I threw it on the highest setting while the smaller walkways, I put it to the lowest setting.

Starting the machine was also easy.  We used both the electric start and the pull cord.  With the pull cord, it would start up on the first or second pull every time.

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Value

If you want to pick one of these up, expect to pay about $1,000 for this unit.  While you do get more bells and whistles for $1,000, you will also pay more than the 2625.

The way I look at this is longterm.  If you are getting older and plan on retiring soon and moving somewhere warm, I would probably go with the 2625.  However, if you are going to be dealing with snow for the next 5 years or longer, I would make the additional investment.  You get the heated grips but most of all you get the electric chute that will move left, right, up and down.

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Final Thoughts

Overall I think Troy Bilt did a great job with this snow thrower.  The engine seems to be built to last and nothing on the snow thrower feels cheap.  The steel is nice and thick which means it can last a long time without getting all dented up.  Starting the machine is extremely easy, but most important is the operation of the snow thrower.

For me, this was extremely easy to use and control.  Bottomline, when I was done, the snow was pushed far away from the driveways and walks, but best of all, I didn’t hurt.  So for me, this is a no-brainer for anyone looking for a quality snow thrower.

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  1. Hi Eric,

    Were you able to test this model with the track drive? My friend has been on the fence with this but has a brutal driveway and walkway that can get real slippery. You mention this has good traction but wondering if the track drive would be much better. I haven’t had a chance to use many of those models yet (although repaired a few).

    Also Go Cubs!

    • Not with the Track Drive. If he has a brutal drive and walks, I would probably try that version fist. While this has good traction, I am not sure how it will do with large slopes.


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