Milwaukee Branded Remote Control Cooler

RC cooler

Once again overseas countries get all the cool toys before the US.  I am not even sure if this will ever be available in the US.  Videos and info are surfacing about a Milwaukee remote control cooler.

This is obviously is a novelty item and has no real use on the job site.  No Milwaukee electronics here, just branding.  It looks to have no proportional steering and 1 speed forward and reverse. But it still will impress your coworkers and is super cool.  From what I can gather the electronics and cooler are made from a company called Esky, It looks to be a limited edition and powered by a 12V 5.5Ah lead acid battery.  If they come to the States I will personally tear it apart, put a brushless motor in it and blast it down the street at 30 mph.   Thanks to Taylors Tools over in the Power Tool Forum for this find.


      • Now if they developed a toolbox that followed you around by tracking, say, a bluetooth enabled device or smartphone, then they might be on to something – Hey, wonder if that’s been patented yet, that’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that ?” Moments lol

      • I read this on the Milwaukee Tool Australia FB page. It was a promotional giveaway for those who purchased FUEL tools through the huge retailer there.
        From what I read, it was powered by the M12 battery but it was a few months ago and can’t seem to find the link anymore.


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