Bosch Combination Saw GTM 12 JL Professional – German Innovation

Bosch GTM saw

What do you get when you cross a table saw with a miter saw?  The Bosch GTM 12 JL.  Not available in the US, but I hope will be.  The saw looks like it solves the issue of having to lug 2 saws arounds.  For most pro and remodelers I am sure this tool will handle 90% of their work.  Bosch is really stepping up its game lately with their release of their new EDC brushless line up.  Check out what the Pros had to say when we took them the IDH182 combination impact driver and wrench. Head over to the Bosch UK site for more details.




  1. Wow, Nice find Dan.
    Since i’m a Home Hobbyist / DIYer i’m restricted to my garage for a workshop, so anything that can help save a little space is a bonus.
    Would be wary that anything that tries to be a “Jack Of All Trades”, but as ir’s Bosch i think it would be pretty functional
    Watched the video on the UK site – it’s dated March 2010 ! Wondering why it hasn’t made it over here yet….

  2. Dewalt also makes a similar unit.
    This is a perfect type of saw for guys that do laminate or hardwood flooring. I don’t know why it won’t make safety rules in the USA though. Dewalt also has a saw where a miter saw transforms into a table saw! I’m sure its not the best table saw, but man its sweet because its an all in one and really small.

  3. Very cool saw. I could see some bonehead trying to cut a full sheat of plywood on that, probably why it’s not available in the us. We will try anything.

  4. Call me old school but I rather have my table saw and my Miter saw just the way I have it now. This looks like something you would by at Harbor Freight.

    • you might have a point there regopit but I think if its Bosch its gonna be well put together and I think it’d be a good tool for laying laminate flooring, cutting the narrow boards would suit the design…

  5. Wow, that’s really frustrating that we can’t get that here. I don’t do enough work needing a double bevel, this would fit the bill nearly perfectly and save me good garage space.

  6. There is nothing much I can add here that has not been said. This looks great for small projects. Like Rigopit (congrats as well) I rather have them separate as well to keep me safe. The big factor is space saving in small garages, like Pablo mentions. I can really see this being a safety thing as well. Laters TIA


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