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Ratcheting cargo straps can be your best friend or your worst enemy if you don’t know how to maintain and work them.  Straps often get stiff and stop working because of the elements. A quick fix to this is to keep them lubed with WD-40 or something comparable.  Always feed the strap from the bottom and make sure the strap is fully opened and parallel before you undo it.

Cargo strap

Tekton cargo straps

  • For heavier loads up to 3,300 lbs per strap I use the TEKTON 6227 30′ strap.  the long straps ensure that you have enough length event for the tallest of loads.




  1. Wow, seems like nobody leaves a message on this page. Nice straps, once lost a brand new BBQ when I use just a bungee cord in the back of a pick up truck, so ratcheting straps are the only way to go that is for sure..

    • Brien, congrats on winning the tool bag. Again thanks for the heads up on Monday. I can’t wait to get mine & fill it with coloring books & crayons like our friends at Tools in Action use theirs. Laters Brien & TIA

  2. Cool new logo!

    Costco has four pairs of SnapOn branded 1.5″ straps for $20. Really good quality despite being not real SnapOn. 1k lbs working load, 3k lbs breaking. I’ve been using these constantly to tie stuff down in the bed and they’ve been great.

    For strapping down a car though, I’ll be looking at these heavy duty Tektons.

  3. Dan thanks for the great information on upkeeping these things. I have always hated these straps because I have not been very good in using them. I could never get the right tension just right or over thighten then & tearing the fabric. I would give up & use rope to tie down things (lot better in tying knots). I would see the value in having these straps, but not being able to use them has been a pain in my side. Have a great & safe 4th of July, may freedom ring in this great country of ours!! Laters TIA

  4. i love tekton, but snap on is the way to go!!
    i use the 1in strap and heavy duty mechanism for the release part from snap on, it cost way more but i never had it rust before


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