Milwaukee Angle Grinder – 6130-33


Wow what’s up with all the reviews of grinder?  I feel like every other review we do is a grinder.  Well as you can see by the title, we are doing another review, the Milwaukee 4-1/4″ small angle grinder.  The model number of this grinder is 6130-33.

I don’t use grinders everyday, but when you need one, it’s the best tool to have around.  I guess every tool is the best tool when you need it.  Lets get down to business with this grinder.  The grinder is a corded grinder that has an 8′ cord that powers a 7 amp epoxy coated field motor.  The motor puts out a speed rating of 11,00rpm’s.  The user controls this speed with a slide switch that is located on the left side of the tool.  The corded version is actually lighter than the M18 cordless version.  The grinder weighs 3.5 lbs as the M18 weighs 4.4 lbs.  The length of the grinder is 10-1.4″ long.


I like this grinder a lot, better than my M18 cordless version, only reason is it doesn’t cut out with an overload protection.  That means I can just grind away and burn up the tool if I want, even though I doubt that will happen.  OK lets start with the pro to this tool, the guard.  Milwaukee uses a tool free guard system that allows the user to angle the guard very easily.  Just push in the spring loaded button and adjust the guard, yes its that easy.  The balance of the tool is also very good where I didn’t feel like we were fighting the tool, even on start up.

Ok now the cons.  There are two cons to this tool.  First their is no overmolded grip on the handle.  Which when using with gloves can be a little slippery.  The next is the side handle.  You can install the side handle on the left or right side, but not the top.  When I do use a grinder, sometimes I prefer to have the option of installing the handle on the top.  Both cons are not a big deal, but did want to mention them.  Neither of these cons would not stop me from buying the tool.

Overall this is a nice compact grinder to have around.  The five year Milwaukee warranty is a nice added benefit.  Besides the power, the best thing about this grinder is the guard system.  I love being able to adjust the guard on the fly and not having to mess around with tools to make a simple change.  This is a keeper.


  1. While you correctly noticed it lacks the on top position for the side handle, you forgot to notice that both sides lateral handle positions are exactly at 90 degrees, that is VERY useful when you are installing a grinder on a cutting base that transforms the little tool into a tremendously useful bench tool, without spending in a large cutting machine. See, other grinders place the handle at a larger than 90 degree angle, so those can’t be conveniently mounted to such an accesory!


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