Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review

Hilti is known for its high-quality power tools.  They may not have the line of power tools that other power tool manufacturers offer but Hilti offers two things that no other company can offer, customer service and a solution.  Most other companies will sell you a tool and then send you on your way.  Hilti has a different approach.  Not only will they sell you a tool, but they also have a local rep who will work with you which is unique in the industry.  The rep will also have a solution for your fastening and adhesive, plus a solution of other products to provide you with a solution.  While Hilti has a unique approach, today we are here to talk about the Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review so let’s jump in and talk a look.

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review Overview

When it comes to grinders, there are only three grinders I really trust, Bosch, Metabo, and Hilti.  I am not knocking other manufacturers but when it comes to real work and build quality, it’s hard to beat these three companies.  So when Hilti came out with the Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder, it’s one of those tools we wanted to show off.  When it comes to grinder, I love Hilti because they don’t just come to market with a grinder because everyone else has one.  They come to the market when they can offer the best of the best.  They come to market when they can create a grinder that won’t bog down under normal use as we have seen with plenty of other grinders.  So let’s take a look at why the Hilti is or is not a grinder to own.

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review Features

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review

The 4A-A22 is a 4.5″ grinder that features a brushless motor.  The motor delivers up to 8000 rpm’s.  One of the best features of this grinder is the ATC which is Active Torque Control.  So if the disc jams, the tool will shut down and prevent it from spinning.

The grinder is powered by the Hilti 22V battery.

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review

The handle has a nice shape and conforms to your hand giving it a comfortable feeling.

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review

On top of the grinder, there is a slide switch to turn on and off the grinder.

On the back of the handle, there is a speed dial that will let the user control the speed from 3,500 to 8,000 rpm’s

The handle can be moved from the left to the right but it will not support it on top of the tool.

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review

The front of the tool is all-metal housing instead of plastic like we have seen with other grinders in the market place.

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review Performance

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review

We lent the grinder to the mechanics next to us to get their input.  They used it for a variety of application and they ended up loving it.  I used it to cut some rebar and a couple of bolts for my house project.  Not once did I get the grinder to stall or hiccup under normal use.

We cut through a 3/8″ thick steek leaf without any issue.

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review

Even grinding, the grinder performed like a champ.  If we pressed extremely hard, we could get the overload to kick on but under normal use, no one would ever push that hard.

All in all, the grinder was one of the best we have tested.

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review Value

Above I mentioned that Hilti is a solution provider.  Here is just another reason I love Hilti.  Most companies put a kit together and sell it to you.  With Hilti, you can get a bare tool or even design your own kit with what batteries you want, the number of batteries and more.  Check out their website.

As a bare tool, this will run you about $180.  If you want a charger and charger and two 8Ah batteries, you will pay about $615 which is worth every penny.  You can also lower the cost by buying 4Ah batteries instead, but for a high demand tool like this, I would go with the 8Ah batteries.

Hilti AG 4S-A22 Grinder Review Final Thoughts

Overall I love this grinder.  The grinder is powerful and runs for longer than I would expect with a high demand power tool.  The fact that I can design my own kit and work with a local rep, makes it that much more appealing to buy.



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