Milwaukee Packout Dolly

Milwaukee Packout Dolly

Ever since Milwaukee introduced the Packout system, tradesmen and those alike have been loving the storage solution.  It has been tough, reliable, easy to work with and easy to customize a storage solution for the user.  Milwaukee now introduced a way to easily move the Packout system around the jobsite, the shop or where ever you may need your tools and accessories.  So let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Packout Dolly.

Milwaukee Packout Dolly – Information

Milwaukee Packout Dolly – Features

The Milwaukee dolly is built for the job site and built with some cool features.

  • Capacity is up to 250 lbs.
  • Quickstop brake to hold dolly in place during stacking
  • Smooth casters with locking feature
  • Impact-resistant polymer construction

Milwaukee Packout Dolly – Impressions

There is a little assembly required but it takes about 5 minutes and is very easy to put together.  When putting the dolly together, that is when we realized how solid and well built the platform is made.  The polymer construction is lightweight but defending solid and made for the daily abuse of the job site.

I usually have a knock-on caster because I hate it when companies cheap out on casters.  The Milwaukee dolly has nice casters that roll nicely.  We did have a little problem rolling over an extension cord but for the most part, we could roll over small items that would normally stop a dolly in its tracks.

As with all the Packout stuff, I love how easy it is to lock and unlock each box.

Milwaukee Packout Dolly – Wrap Up

Overall if you are part of the Packout family, the dolly is a great addition.  The dolly is solid, rolls nicely and makes your life easier when moving the system around the shop or job site.  A $90 investment isn’t to bad for the quality and the convenience.


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