Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plate

Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plate

Milwaukee may have been late to the whole jobsite portable storage but since they entered this category, they have gone full force. The Packout system is growing with new Sku’s added all the time.  Besides being tough, the way the Packout system locks together and the ability to organize the boxes the way you want has made them a front runner. They now added a new Sku, the Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plate.  This is a plate that can be used in your shop or in your vehcile.

Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plate – Information

Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plate – Features

The Packout out wall system not only helps you utlize dead space on the wall but it has some other cool features built into the mount.

  • Wall Capacity – 50 lbs
  • Floor Capacity – 100 lbs.
  • Metal mounting holes – Spaced 16″ apart for stud placement
  • Built contructed from impact resistant polymers
  • Metal tie-down points

Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plate – Impressions

Since Milwaukee came out with the Packout system, I have been a huge fan.  While I think some of the products in the Packout system are expensive, I think the mounting plate is priced right.  I love being able to hang these plates in the shop and have either my fasteners or other items right at my finger tips, plus I love freeing up space on my bench.

For those who are on the road, I think the moounting plate is a huge plus and can make organizing and freeing up space so much eaiser.  Considering the way the packoutsystem locks into the mounting plate, it will stay in place even over the roughest road.

Milwaukee Packout Mounting Plate – Wrap Up

Bottomline, this not only a practice addition to a solid storge line, but it’s extremly cool to be able to hang stuff on the wall and utlize some of that dead space.  I love the quality of the plate and how the moutning holes are reinforced with metal, not just plastic.  This is just another reason that the Packout system is a front runner.


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