Bosch X-LOCK Grinder – The Quick Solution

Bosch XLock Grinder

Bosch Power Tools is geared towards skilled tradesmen invested in heavy-duty work that demands high quality and consistently superior performance.  As such, the Bosch brand is directly competing with tool producers like Hilti, Metabo, and Makita.  Let’s take a look at the Bosch X-LOCK Grinder.

Bosch X-LOCK Grinder Overview

Grinders – angle grinders to be specific – are useful in metal polishing, smoothing, and to some extent cutting applications.  When it comes to grinders, Bosch is considered to be a leader in the market.  They are reliable and powerful.  And this new Bosch X-LOCK Grinder offers some pretty cool features.

Bosch X-LOCK Grinder Features

Here we have the GWX18V-8N model (ASIN: B09F16FNR8). A 4.5 – 5 in. angle grinder that weighs in at 4.85 pounds, is 4.3 x 11.8 x 5.1 inches.   The Bosch X-LOCK Grinder’s 8-amp brushless motor delivers 11,000 RPM, and the grinder is covered by a 1-year warranty.

The Bosch X-LOCK Grinder is part of the next-gen Lithium-ion CORE18V 8.0 Ah Performance Battery line of tools. According to Bosch, this battery platform provides the power equivalent of a 10-amp corded grinder. 
Bosch XLock Grinder

The slide switch is easy to engage. The switch locks in the “on” mode, allowing ease of use and tool angle manipulation without needing constant attention as required by the competing paddle switch design. Additionally Bosch states on their website: “The grinder provides an X-Brake, which helps provide a rapid stop of the wheel when the switch is turned off. It also includes other advanced electronics, such as drop control, KickBack Control, restart protection, and soft-start technology. The grinder has connected-ready capability, supplying an interface that works with the optional Bosch Connected Tool Module to link to the free Bosch Toolbox app.”

Bosch XLock Grinder

I also like the ergonomic handle.  It is slim compared to other models and manufacturers.  This is important since maneuverability and precise angling is critical in certain grinding jobs.  Even a slightly excessive thickness in a grinder handle can compromise desired placement of the abrasive wheel.  This may translate into less-than-desirable results.

Bosch XLock Grinder

By their nature, most grinding jobs produce dust and grit. Pictured here, Bosch incorporated a screen to protect the motor from debris that might otherwise get sucked in and pose its own type of performance and safety hazard.

My favorite feature is the X-LOCK wheel change.  X-LOCK makes changing wheels up to five times faster and without any extra tools.  The above images show changing steps that can be done swiftly and safely without a spanner wrench or flange nuts.  There are numerous angle grinders out there, and most require tools to replace or change wheels.  This nod towards hassle-free operation and better productivity sets the Bosch X-LOCK Grinder apart.

The Bosch X-LOCK Grinder comes with a side handle that can be fitted on either side of the tool.

Bosch X-LOCK Grinder Value

The Bosch X-LOCK Grinder (tool only, no accessories) can be had for under $200 on Amazon. Considering their quality, and reputation for being one of the best professional tool brands, this is a great value.  Even if you have to also invest in a Bosch battery and charger.

Bosch X-LOCK Grinder Thoughts

From handling this grinder, and with my experience, I can say this angle grinder is powerful and easy to work with.   The slim handle, low weight, ample cordless power, and slide switch allow for accurate, detailed work.  And again, one of my favorite features is the X-LOCK toolless wheel change. For any given job, Bosch can hold its own.


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