Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder

Any day that we get to review a Hilti tool is a good day! If you don’t know, Hilti is a premiere power tool brand for trade professionals. The company is always looking to improve their tools in new and innovative ways. January 2022 Hilti launched Hilti Nuron, a new 22V battery platform with additional pioneering features. In fact, today’s tool, the Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder, unveils new anti-kickback technology known as “SensTech” and 3D Activated Torque Control (ATC) to prevent injury. Angle grinders account for at least 5,000 injuries each year. Hopefully, Hilti can help lower that number.

First, let’s see how the Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder performs…

If you want to know more about Hilti Nuron, we wrote an article last year. The main innovations from this new platform are:

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder Overview

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder

Safety features for angle grinders commonly come in the form of guards, a manual kill switch, vibration reduction, and so on. However, none of these safety features step in for you when you lose control. The pioneering safety features on the Hilti Nuron Cordless Grinder are touch-activated SensTech and the 3D Active Torque Control (ATC).

The Hilti SensTech works by using capacitive sensors (touchscreen technology) to sense the grip of the user. The capacitive sensors detect if your grip has moved or loosened. If SensTech detects a user is losing control it activates an auto-shutoff. And the 3D ATC senses if the grinder suddenly jerks in one direction or spins-out. Either of these activates Hilti’s “dead-man’s function” to turn the grinder off before injury or damage can occur.

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder Features

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder

The Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder (AG 6D-22-6)* utilizes a 6-in. disk, and has a 1.81-in max cutting depth. Built with a brushless motor and part of the Hilti Nuron platform, a combination that provides more life per charge.

The Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder includes:

  • Outer flange
  • 5/8 in. D45 flange inside
  • Threaded stud
  • Washer holder
  • One Comfort side handle
  • Protective grinding cover 150 assy
  • 150 clip-on front cover

* There is also Model AG 6D-22-5 which utilizes a 5-in. cutting disk, offers a 1.34-in. max cutting depth, and is sold at a slightly lower price.

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder

As we mentioned, the Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder (AG 6D-22-6) is part of the Hilti Nuron platform. This platform runs off a redesigned 22V advanced lithium-ion batteries, providing one battery type for all Hilti’s 70+ Nuron tools.

This redesign offers more than doubled power transfer and improved output. Hilti claims this battery platform has double the power of 18V and 20V battery platforms, and outperforms corded and gas tools.

Nuron batteries are built with proprietary Smart Technology that records and reports information such as:

  • Battery life and health
  • Tool activity and idle levels
  • Tool location
  • Assigned tool user/manager

Location-tracking is particularly useful for “jumpy” tools like angle grinders, that switch hands a lot while moving from one jobsite to the next. All of this information is uploaded to the Cloud where managers and users can access it any time.

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder

A major contributor to the performance of this grinder comes from the ergonomic design that allows for optimal control. The slim and contoured body along with the Comfort side handle, allow for a solid grip and make it easy to operate.

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder

The On/Off switch is well-placed on the top side of the grinder, right in the line of sight while in use. The black and red contrast makes the switch easy to find. To turn it On a user simply needs to push up on the button, which is intuitive and easy based on how you hold this grinder.

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder

In testing, it’s clear this grinder’s big performance owes some credit to its slim design. The slim front allows for worker versatility.

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder

The grinder comes with a Comfort side handle. There is a spot on each side of its front where the handle can be locked into place. This is an easy customization for right or left-handed users.

The minimal curved grip is a bit slimmer compared to other angle grinders. However, it makes it comfortable, easy to hold, and promotes overall control of the grinder.

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder Performance

As we mentioned, Hilti is a premiere professional power tool brand. The Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder skated through our tests. This grinder has superior performance, but even that isn’t what makes this grinder stand out. The SensTech activated dead-man’s function is a major safety advancement. Also, Hilti added this safety feature but it did not add any bulk or interfere with standard use. In fact, they designed a more powerful, yet slimmer, ergonomic tool that’s even easier to control.

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder Value

This grinder is expensive. The Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder with two B 22-85 Li-ion batteries and a charger is available for a discounted net price of $644.75. There is also a fixed monthly payment option of $20.99/month. The “most similar” competing model I can find is an M18 4-1/2 in./6 in. grinder by Milwaukee. You can buy a Milwaukee grinder kit with a grinder, a battery, and a charger for $379. While these kits aren’t exactly the same, it’s probably the best comparison you can get. The Hilti definitely has a higher price tag, but it offers a lot more.

First, there’s power. Not only is Hilti Nuron a 22V battery platform, but the redesigned batteries are built for better power transfer and input, making them potentially twice as powerful as 18V battery platforms. Second, SensTech is an innovative advancement in safety features. Combine SensTech with the anti-kickback 3D ATC and Hilti has set a new standard for angle grinder safety. Third, Hilti has the best service to make sure contractors don’t have downtime.

Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder Final Thoughts

The Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder is a top-of-the-line angle grinder for trade professionals. It offers unmatched performance, and the SensTech, 3D ATC, and easy-to-control design reduce workplace injury. So, not only is the Hilti Nuron SensTech Grinder an investment in your toolkit, it’s an investment in your workday and your employees’ health and safety. These features added to the Smart Tool Technology make Hilti a top brand that we recommend to professionals.


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