SKIL Power Head System – 40V String Trimmer & Edger

Skil Power Head System

SKIL has been growing its line of Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE).  They have blowers, mowers, and more.  Today we are checking out one of their new releases, the SKIL Power Head system which currently has a string trimmer and edger.  But knowing SKIL, I am sure they will release more items for this system.

SKIL Power Head System – Information

  • Name – SKIL PWR Core 40 Power Head
  • Model – PLT1500C-10
  • Price – $199
  • Where to BuyAmazon
  • Reviews – SKIL Reviews

SKIL Power Head System – Features

Skil Power Head System

Above is the current configuration SKIL with the Power Head, the String Trimmer, and the Edger.  As you can see, the string trimmer along with the head utilizes a straight shaft design.

Skil Power Head System

The power head is designed with a brushless motor for longevity and a brushless motor also helps increase run time.

The system runs off the SKIL PWR CORE 40V battery platform.  The battery sits on the back of the power head to help balance the tool.

Skil Power Head System

The over-mold grip provides a nice feel for the tool, plus the way SKIL designed the system, the safety switch is easy to access.

Skil Power Head System

On top of the power head, there is a slide switch to select between High and Low modes.

Skil Power Head System

The adjustable auxiliary grip can easily be moved up or down without using any tools.  Just turn the thumb screw to loosen and then slide it to the desired position.

One of the most important features of any multi-head system is how easy it is to connect and remove the attachments.  SKIL makes this extremely easy.  Just slide the attachment in place.  The push pin will automatically lock into place and then all you have to do is tighten the knob.

String Trimmer Attachment

  • 14″/16″ cutting swath
  • Dual line bump feed
  • Easy to load head – Twist Load
  • Line Diameter – .080″

Edger Attachment

  • Adjustable guide wheel
  • 9″ blade
  • Debris shields
  • Cuts up to 3″

SKIL Power Head System – Impressions

Multi-head systems are hit or miss.  I have used some that I love and others that have not impressed me.  Some seem to lack power and quality.  With the SKIL, I think they did a great job.  This unit has power and definitely has the quality.  Best of all, the price tag isn’t hefty like other systems we have used.  Changing the attachments is easy and quick.  Plus once they are in place, they fit extremely well and there isn’t any “flopping around” between the attachment and the power head.

SKIL Power Head System – Wrap up

All in all, this is a great system for the money.  I like being able to buy one power head and have a couple of batteries.  Then I can save money and just buy the attachments.  Currently, there are two attachments but knowing SKIL, I am sure there is more in the works.  For now, it’s hard to beat the quality, the power, and the price.


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