Miller 375 X-treme Plasma Cutter – Review


When it comes to welding, there is one name that stands out and that is Miller.  Started in 1929, Miller has been the front runner in the welding industry and is widely known for quality welding products.  The 375 X-treme Plasma cutter is a remarkable tool.  Basically if you think back to the old days of metal cutting, you used a torch to cut through metal.  A plasma cutter basically works on the same principle only you do not need to use the gas.  The machine uses compressed air from a compressor and creates an electrical arc to cut through metal.  Best of all it is made in the USA.

Besides being one of the best built plasma cutters I have seen, the 375 is ultra portable, weighing in at only 19lbs.  With the built in shoulder strap it is easy to tote around the job site.  You can take the tool to the work instead of the work to the tool.  A big plastic case holds it all and even has extra room for things like glasses and gloves.  The front panel has LED status indicators for power, pressure, cup and temp.

MVP is a feature that allows you to use 120 or 240 VAC, single-phase power, 50/60 Hz.  All this can be accomplished by switching the plug adapter at the end of the cord.  Like most people, I do not have 240 VAC yet in my garage, so this feature was great.  While  plugged into 120 VAC you can use roughly half the power (15-20 AMPS), so if you’re cutting the max 5/8″ you would need to be plugged into 240 VAC (30 Amps).

The 375 is easy to use.  It has one power setting dial, thats it!  Everything is regulated by the machine.  Just supply a compressor that can produce 5 SCFM (146 L/min) at 90 PSI MIN and  power and you’re set to go.  We used the plasma on multiple projects, the first was on our Mule 610 Project.  We had to fabricate a plow/winch mount, the spectrum 375 worked flawlessly cutting though 1/4″ steel.  The second was replacing some rusted out parts of a lawn mower deck.  We used the plasma to cut out the rusted area.  This was thin 12 gauge steel and of course it sliced through like butter.  The thicker the metal the slower you need to go.  The unit has an Auto-Refire feature that will re-strike the arc without the user having to re-trigger.  We also found out the Miller 375 Extreme is awesome for destroying computer hard drives.  I don’t think anyone will be able to recover that data after we cut them up.

Miller also includes some extra consumables in a nifty box that fits perfectly in the plastic case.  The 375 does not operate at high frequency like some other plasma cutters on the market.  High frequency can be dangerous to electronic equipment in the area. The unit was reliable and we were able to strike an arc easily every time.  A 3 year warranty covers this product and from the way it is built, I doubt you will ever have to use it.  We highly recommend this plasma cutter for the home owner and professional.  It is the most portable plasma cutter on the market and the latest version has an XT30 torch for an even better deal.  Check out MSRP $1590.00  Check out our other welding projects.




  1. The portability is great! Finally a plasma that works on 120V Good job guys. I am looking for a deal on one right now. Do you know the best place to buy one?


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