Rolair VT25BIG Air Compressor – Jobsite Tough


Air compressors come in all shapes and sizes depending on the job at hand.  Rolair has been building quality contractor grade compressors since 1959.  They are built to survive constant use and last in the work site environment.  The new VT25BIG has some innovative features. It has a S1 rated 100% duty-cycle motor which means it can run constantly without overheating or causing damage to the splash oil lubricated pump.

The quality of VT25BIG is outstanding.  The welds are clean with no splatter and the powder coat job is top notch.  The wheels on the unit are pneumatic and held on with huge axle nuts, not axle caps which drive me crazy because they always work themselves free.  The wheels will hold up on any terrain.  Another unique feature is the handle, it is tall and designed so that you can easily wheel the compressor around without your heels kicking the unit.  The handle easily folds down by releasing the latch bar with your foot.   Two people can then easily put the unit in a truck for transport or storage.  Thick rubber grips are a nice touch and aid in handling the unit.  On the side of the unit is a cord wrap for the power cord.

You will need to add the included oil to the compressor when you run it for the first time.  It draws 13.8 amps and can recover the 5.3 gallon tank to 135 psi in 1 minute and 15 seconds.   That is blazing fast!   There are 2 quick disconnect couplers to run 2 air hoses and 2 gauges, one for regulated pressure and one for tank pressure.  The pressure regulator can be locked by twisting a red plastic nut below the knob.  The tank has a safety valve and also a ball valve on the bottom to release the air when you’re not using it.  The valve has a good grip and is easy to turn with or without gloves on.  A visual gauge on the side of the pump helps you keep the oil level in check.   For those cold days the VT25BIG has a cold start valve for easy starting in any temperature.  It also has an onboard reset switch in the event the unit shuts down due to overload.






LENGTH : 19 Inches

WIDTH : 19 Inches

HEIGHT : 37 Inches


We used the compressor to do some die grinding and for some plasma cutting.  The compressor performed well and supplied airflow without dropping off.  The unit is not the quietest unit on the market, but again it is designed  for industrial applications.  Rolair includes a 1 year warranty.  Overall we would highly recommend Rolair compressors to anyone who needs reliable, uninterrupted air on the job.  High CFM and quick recovery times make this portable compressor perfect for most applications.

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  1. You always need 2 tank compressor in cold conditions, 1 tank compressor will fill it self with water, and costomers forget to empty this every day, and it will go warm and brake down! This is only for warm conditions and inside use, repairs is expensive also because engine is packed inside and are not easy to maintainense ha-ha

  2. What a waste of time that compressor is. It would send you deaf in No time flat. It has to be 95db or higher which is ridiculously loud. Having to listen to this for any longer that 10 minutes would cause serious hearing damage.
    It also has an almost useless duty cycle. You actually have to let it rest for almost as long as you use it.
    But if you filled the tanks with cement it would make a great anchor..


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