How to Check and Replace a Smoke Detector / CO Battery


Smoke and CO detectors need the battery replaced twice a year.  Most smoke detectors need to be replaced every 10 years and CO detectors may need to be replaced as soon as 3 years, usually it is printed on the unit.  You can be one of those procrastinators and just wait for it to start beeping.  It’s usually around 2 am when it starts beeping or right when the game is about to start!  Or you can be proactive, take a little time and do all your detectors at once.  It will save you future hassle and quite possibly your life.  It is recommended that your change your smoke/CO detector batteries every time you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time.  Some places don’t have DST so you will have to remember to do it.

Tool Needed: Ladder  Most smoke detectors just twist off of the ceiling.  There may be arrows pointing the direction you need to turn.  Be careful as you twist it off as it may be hardwired into your electric system.  To disconnect the hard wire just unplug it.  Now that you have the detector down it’s a good time to visually inspect it and make sure no one painted over it and or there is any signs of damage.  If all looks good, open the battery door, inspect for any corrosion and replace the battery.  It usually is a 9 volt battery that easily slides in.  Since smoke detectors save your life, it’s good to get a quality battery like Energizer or Duracell.  The smoke detectors in the pictures have a battery door on the outside of the unit so you do not have to pull the detector down.

Now that the battery is in place, it’s time to test the detector.  For this you may want to grab a towel to hold over the top of the unit.  This will help muffle the sound when you activate the test.  Simply push the test button until the unit activates. Instructions may also be printed on the unit.  If everything is good to go, climb back up the ladder, reconnect the power and twist the unit back on until it is snug or clicks into place.  That’s it!  Now you can sit your lazy ass back down in your recliner and watch the game in peace.






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