Gyros Tools MagnaLite Retrax2


We love lights!  Recently we checked out a couple from Gyros Tools the Magnalite pro and the Pocket Pro Magnalite.  Now they have released the Retrax2.  It is a 27 LED telescoping light and also has a 6 led torch light head.  The light reminds me of an old school florescent shop light that my dad used when he was working under cars.  The Retrax2 is compact weighing 9.5 oz and just shy of 7.5″ long when closed.

The first time I slid the light open I was blinded by 27 bright LEDs. You can run up to 20 hours on the head light and 6 hours for the retractable light. It recharges in about 4 hours and has an auto shutoff feature.  2 chargers come with this light, an AC wall charger and a DC car charger.  The unit has a quality feel to it.  In the base are 2 magnets that allow you to grip onto metal surfaces.  This is great for under hoods or under sinks.  Also in the base is a retractable swivel hook that pulls out and can hang onto most anything.

The light has a 1 year warranty and is available at Gyros Tools.





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