Makita Cordless Router Review

Makita Cordless Router Review

Routers are one of my favorite power tools.  A router is a great way to take a finished project and turn it into a master piece.  With a router, you can pretty much add any detail and completely change the look of it.  As we know, routers take a lot of power when you start cutting into the wood.  While battery technology has improved over the years, it’s not until recently that the brushless motor and battery technology have combined and let manufacturers design higher demand tools based on cordless solutions. Speaking of cordless, let’s jump into the Makita cordless router review.

Makita Cordless Router Review Overview

Makita Cordless Router Review

Makita designed a router where you no longer have to worry about a cord getting in the way.  Yes, that’s right they have a 18v router on the market that allows you to be more mobile.  If you have been following us for a while, you know that Ridgid and Ryobi have both released their version of a cordless router, so Makita isn’t the first to market with this concept.

However, Makita is the first professional company with a such a large line of power tools to offer a cordless router.

Makita Cordless Router Review Features

Before I jump into the router, I want to take a look at the accessories.  I love how Makita went above and beyond.  Makita didn’t just build a cordless router, they built a usable system.  They designed a variety of accessories that woodworkers demand.  You have a plunge base, dust management, straight edge, clamps and more.  So for me, I am already impressed.

Makita Cordless Router Review

Makita designed this with a brushless motor for efficiency and longer run times.  The motor is electronically controlled to work with changes in torque and speed depending upon changing demands.  The router uses 1/4″ shanks.

Makita Cordless Router Review

On the front of the router is where you access the lock and on/off switch.  I am sure some people would have preferred a bump switch, but the pad set up isn’t bad and is easy to get used to.  One key feature of this router is the soft start.  I love turning on the router and not having to worry about the jerkiness.

Makita Cordless Router Review

On the side of the Makita router is a dial switch that allows the user to control the speed.  A user can control the speed from 10,000 to 30,000 rpm’s so you can match the router with your work.

Makita Cordless Router Review

Changing the router bits is extremely easy.  I didn’t find myself fighting with the router. The large red spindle stop is easy to control while trying to loosen or tighten a bit.

Makita Cordless Router Review

The router has two LED lights.  While I didn’t use them, they do seem like they would be helpful as you always seem to get some type of shadow with routers.

While I love the smoothness and power of the router, I really love how easy it is to control the depth and make micro adjustments.  The rack and pinion are very smooth and easy to fine tune.

Makita Cordless Router Review Performance

I used this router for a computer desk top I was making for my kids.  I didn’t want to do anything fancy because I know they will beat the heck out of it and draw all over it.  So I ended up staining some plywood.

Makita Cordless Router Review

The first thing I noticed was how easy this router is to work with.  I love the slim design but most importantly I love the soft start.

Makita Cordless Router Review

The router is extremely powerful and even the piece of oak I tested it on, the router went through great.

As far as run time, that will vary on the type of wood and size of router bit you are using.  I ran this router over 20′ of plywood, 8 feet of oak and about 10′ of pine.  Once I was done the battery still had four bars.

Makita Cordless Router Review Value

Value is going to depend on what you are looking for.  When it comes to cordless routers, currently you have three to choose from and the Makita is the most expensive.  Even though it’s the most expensive, it’s still my top choice for a number of reasons.

First, is all the options this router has such as a plunge base.  Second, there are a ton of tools in the 18V line up. Third and most important is the quality of the router.  If you already own Makita batteries, you will spend about $130 for the router only.  Not a bad investment for a quality router.

Makita Cordless Router Final Thoughts

Overall this is an awesome router.  I love how Makita didn’t cut any corners with this router.  They made a router that is identical to a corded router but without a cord.  Makita offers all the accessories with this router.  The router is smooth and has a decent run time.  The router is powerful and is just one of those tools you have to use to appreciate.  Anyone looking to lose the cord should check out the Makita.

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  1. I think that this in one of the more intelligent tool integrations I have witnessed in recent memory. The fact that this cordless router fits all of the existing optional bases of the corded trim router is just awesome. I definitely plan on adding a couple of these to my tool collection in the near future.

  2. Love my corded Makita compact. I wouldn’t expect this to be any different quality. Hopefully I can get a hold of one of these for the garage shop. Would be nice to not have to deal with any cords.

  3. I need to pick up one of these, my Dewalt 611 works great but the cord has been a pain in the butt several times plus I have to run an extension cord if I want to do anything outside (or buy the power station). The depth adjustment is a nice change compared to the twist adjustment on the Dewalt.

  4. I do like the way you can adjust the depth and see what you are doing so easily. I have two routers now and it just isn’t smart to get another one but that has never stopped me before. Nice review Eric. You are costing me a lot of money dude. 🙂

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