Hilti VC 75-1-22 Vacuum

Hilti VC 75-1-22 Vacuum

When I think of Hilti, I usually don’t think of vacuums.  I think concrete, fastening, and other tools and products you see on large job sites.  Sure I think of them for dust collection and safety but not small vacuums like the Hilti VC 75-1-22 vacuum. However, this is one of the best vacuums on the market.  A while back in 2018, we covered this Hilti Vacuum and also back in 2020 we did a revisit.  Today we are going over the same vacuum but with a twist.

Hilti VC 75-1-22 Vacuum Overview

When it comes to small vacuums like this Hilti, every manufacturer has their own version.  However not one of them can compete with the Hilti.  I think the Hilti is by far the best option and with the 2022 introduction of the Nuron Battery Platform, it’s just another reason this is the best vacuum on the market. So what makes this vacuum so great?

This vacuum is on top because of its ease of use, power, vacuum bag, filter, and storage options.  So let’s jump in and take a look at this vacuum and dive into some of the notable features of this vacuum.

Hilti VC 75-1-22 Vacuum Features

The Hilti VC 71-1-22 is designed around the Nuron battery platform.  The vacuum offers 1.6 psi with a 7 lb dust capacity.

One of the main reasons that the vacuum is so powerful and offers such a long run time is it can run on a Hilti Nuron battery.  For those who don’t know about Nuron, take a look at the Hilti Nuron BatteryPlatform to see why it is so different from the others in the marketplace.

The vacuum features a stretchable vacuum hose that will extend up to 8′.  The nozzle has a tapered end and stores nicely on the vacuum.  No lifting up lids and no messing around.

Hilti VC 75-1-22 Vacuum

The vacuum offers two modes, ECO and MAX.  If you have a big mess and need extra power, MAX is the mode to use.  However, if you have finer debris that are not as heavy and you want a longer run time, go with the ECO mode.

The foldable handle is a great design.  The handle is easy to lift up and use when needed, but folds down and out of the way when not needed.  This is a great feature because as you know, we are all limited on the room we have in our van or truck box.  So other items can sit nicely on the vacuum while stored.

As noted above, the vacuum has a crevice tool and a brush attachment.  Both store nicely in the vacuum and stay in place, even if you drop the vacuum.  Again, no lids to lift or latches to unclip when you need an attachment.

If you do get a clog in the hose, it is easy to remove from the vacuum.  Just press a button and the hose will release.  Best of all, when the hose is attached, it will stay in place and not come undone even if you are pulling hard.  Probably the best setup we have seen for hose attachments.

As we know, dust can not only cause a mess but it is not healthy to breathe it in.  So Hilti not only has a HEPA filter but also a dust bag in the vacuum catch basin. You open two latches to separate the top from the 1-gallon bottom, remove and replace the dust bag, all without the usual air-borne mess.

Hilti VC 75-1-22 Vacuum

Yes, a filter is nice but it can get clogged and cause the vacuum to lose suction.  If this happens, just push a button to clean the filter and return the vacuum to the original suction power.

Hilti VC 75-1-22 Vacuum

If you need to carry this around while using it, they have also included a shoulder strap.

Hilti VC 75-1-22 Vacuum Performance

As you can see, we sucked up these nuts, bolts, and washers.  The vacuum did it easily and it wasn’t a fight on our end. So when it comes to cleaning up around the job site, this vacuum will be able to handle it without any issues.

Hilti VC 75-1-22 Vacuum Value

The vacuum runs for $259 without any batteries or $489 with two batteries and a charger at The Home Depot.  Yes, it’s a little more than some competitors but I think it’s worth every penny.  The vacuum is powerful, easy to work with, and offers a lot of great features that the competitors do not.

Hilti VC 75-1-22 Vacuum Wrap Up

I will put this vacuum up against any other vacuum in its class.  Yes, it’s powerful and has long run times, but I like how this is a well-designed vacuum for the user.  The dust collection system is one of the best and the idea is you can easily clean the filter without having to remove everything when it gets clogged is very convenient.  The onboard storage is easily accessible and the long hose makes it easy to work with. Hilti is a name you can trust and they have the support to back up their name and their products.  If you are invested in the Hilti line this would be another great purchase.


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