Hammer Fist

Hammer Fist

What is the Hammer Fist?  The Hammer Fist is a multi-tool that allows a user to perform a wide range of tasks, with the primary intended use being a hammer and nailer puller.  However, this isn’t your traditional hammer and claw tool.  This has a unique design that allows it to fit in your hand and offer more control with less weight, hence the name, Hammer Fist.  This design doesn’t just break the mold of a hammer, but it offers some other useful tool functions that are integrated right into the Hammer Fist.

Hammer Fist – Features

The Hammer Fist weighs in at 12 oz. and is made with ABS plastic for durability and longevity.

Hammer Fist

The integrated rubber grip on the Hammer Fist serves several purposes. First and foremost, it provides a comfortable and secure grip for the user, allowing them to maintain control of the tool during use. Additionally, the rubber grip helps to absorb shock and prevent slippage, which can be especially important when striking hard surfaces.

As you can see a thick metal plate covers two sides and one 90° corner.

Hammer Fist

While you can “hammer” or “strike” on three sides, one end is covered with the metal plate for “hard” strikes and the other is the ABS plastic for “soft”, non-marring strikes.  So as you grip the tool, you can easily control where and how you hit the item you are trying to sink, such as a nail, drywall anchor, or many other items.

Hammer Fist

Besides hammering, another cool feature is the 90° angle. This is very convenient when you need to position your materials correctly and/or check your work for accuracy. You can also use it to assist in holding and positioning your materials during your project.

Hammer Fist

On the bottom, there are marks for measuring.  One side is Metric and the other is SAE.

When it comes to hammering nails, you will inevitably need to pull a few as well.  So they integrated a nailer puller on the bottom of the tool.

They even thought about different types of attachments so you can put a bit into the hex slot and use this with screws if needed or other accessories that use hex bits.

Hammer Fist

While I think this is a cool tool and offers a lot of features, one of my favorites is the bottle opener.  Because if you are like me, after a job, I like to sit back with a cold one and admire my work.

Hammer Fist Wrap Up

For the homeowner, this is a great tool to have around for smaller projects.  The fact that this tool has multiple functions makes it a handy solution for a variety of jobs around the house.  It is a quality tool that is made to last.


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