Have You Ever Wanted to See a Table Saw in Slow Motion – Neither Did We

table saw slo mo

Check this video out of a table saw slowed down to 150,000 frames per second. To make it more exciting it is in black and white.

I will never get that one minute and twenty forum seconds back.



  1. What the heck! I fell asleep half way thru this video, then I put it on again (NO!!), dang put me to sleep again. You lost 1:24 seconds I lost a few hours that I will never get back. 😉 Laters TIA

  2. I think it’s beautiful. This is what is actually happening when you cut timber on a table saw or anything with a circular blade.

    And this is only a 24 tooth. Imagine how minute the shavings are with a 60 or 80 tooth crosscut blade are.


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