Milwaukee M12 4 in 1 Drill Driver – BDDXKIT-202C

milwaukee 4 in 1

Milwaukee has taken a page out of Festools playbook with the new Milwaukee M12 BDDXKIT-202C 4 in 1 Drill Driver.  Well that is what they call it in Europe.  If you are familiar with the Festool CXS it is basically the same sort of detachable head system.  It looks to include a right angle, offset and standard chuck.  This makes it pretty versatile for most situations.  Cabinet installers especially.   That is pretty much all we know right now, it will be available in the UK in August.  No information on a stateside release.  Check out the source: Power Tools GB


  1. I have to agree with Dan it’s getting a little ridiculous the tools they are getting over in Europe that we don’t get, or have to wait awhile to be released over here.

    • I would really like to see a Milwaukee M18 Fuel Track saw. I never had the chance to use a track saw in person but I really like the concept 🙂

  2. Come on america! I want my powers here that my european counterparts get!

    This looks awesome (along with the table saw + miter saw combo). How do we have to send our letters and phone to get these kind of tools in the US?

  3. WOW yes you’re spot on Dan, that is definitely a page out of Festools book! You and I own the CXS so we know how useful the extra chucks can be! The Milwaukee looks just as useful but at a much better price point! They have to bring this Stateside, it’ll be a big seller I’m sure! Man I wish I still lived in the UK…they seem to be getting all the cool shit right now!!

  4. Wow. My T15 is still going to crush that thing!!!!! Still pretty cool and glad they are taking a line from Festool.

  5. Very cool idea , for us guys who always carry both an angle and a straight drill . I’d grab one in a heartbeat . I’ve wanted either a CSX , or a C12 for quite some time .


  6. I know and engineer that works for DeWalt and I asked him why that they release new tools over in Europe. His answer to me was this; to start people in Europe are easier and take better care of their power tools. They have 80% less warranty clams then here in the US. They feel that they get a better picture of how the tool will perform. Once they are satisfied, they will release it here. People in the US are more abusive and take less care of their tools.The attitude over in Europe is If I’m spending the money I’ll do what it takes to make it last forever here in the US the attitude is if I burn it up I’ll replace it. You will see Fetools on job site a lot in Europe you are one of the hand full of people that use Fetool on their jobs that I know.

  7. Hi there,MILWAUKEE and AEG are exactly same here in Europe,and RIDGID And AEG are identical tools and battery but australia gets the new tools first before us Brits .if anyone needs tools contact me.


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