Milwaukee M18 Cordless Miter Saw

Cordless chop saw

Looks like Europe is getting a Milwaukee M18 Miter saw model number SMS216-0.  Hopefully this means that the US will be getting one soon.  A few years back we saw a DeWALT cordless miter saw prototype in a DeWALT released video. Quite frankly I am curious as to why it never made it .

The Milwaukee has a 48°/-2° bevel capacity.  Milwaukee isn’t really known for their Miter  saws but this could be where they start to make a name for themselves in that segment.  The saw will arrive in the UK in September.  Until then droll over the pictures or check out the source: Power Tools GB

Max cutting capacity:

  • 45° Mitre/45° bevel – 190 x 48
  • 45° Mitre/90° bevel – 190 x 60
  • 90° Mitre/45° bevel – 270 x 48
  • 90° Mitre/90° bevel – 270 x 60



  1. You wouldn’t believe how handy a cordless chop saw is. I have the Ryobi !8v One+ cordless miter, and was pretty handy the day I decided to build an outdoor planter. I could have used my M18 fuel, but a chop saw was better for all of the repetitive cuts i needed to make. I nice 10″ cordless sliding miter saw would be awesome! The only other company that currently has one for sale here is Makita.

  2. Anyone have any idea what size the blade this saw will use? I like the offerings currently on the market, from craftsman and Ryobi, but the fact that they use a 7 1/4 blade, is both cool and crappy at the same time. You have a huge variety of blades to choose from, but a small cut capacity. The only way it cuts a 2×4 is straight. As far as Makita’s miter saw is concerned, It’s cool, but damn is it pricey. I hope this makes it to the us market, and I hope dewalt follows suit. I’ve often said that I wish dewalt would make the Ryobi/ craftsman version in a 20v, using an 8″ blade. A sliding 7 1/4 would also be cool.

  3. Has anyone used any of the battery ones? I worry about the tool having the nuts to power thru the toughest of woods if its battery powered. Its a cool concept, but I’m still not willing to give up its corded brothern. I think that our brothers in Europe get these first to test the tool before it hits the states. I have always waited for a product to be out in the market before I pull the trigger to read more reviews. A tool can be cool & innovated, but if it does not do what it was marketed for why bother. I have plenty of tools that I thought were cool & unique, but now sit in the yard sale pile (well, maybe, I may need a bottle opener with a wire stripper when I’m nice & toasty , then do electrical work. wait! no, yard sale). Laters TIA

  4. I have had the Robi cordless miter for a few years now and it has the balls to cut a 2×4. You can’t force it you have to let the saw do the work. I’m also using the crappy stock Ryobi blade which probably isn’t helping things. My thing with the Ryobi would be more about accuracy in cutting trim prieces this its the perfect tool for to use a dual voltage battey so you would have 36v volts to work with. If some one came out with a cordless battery/corded hybrid 10 sliding miter that had accurate cuts it would be a game changer. That would be perfect except for some of the highest production trim carpenters. Another thing I would like to see down the road us a corded/cordless 36v table saw. Yes it would have limitations but it would be very handy too in certain situations. Imagine the run times we will have once we see 6amp hour battery packs.

  5. This is a very interesting saw. I am very curious to see it in action. It would be perfect for trim jobs. It looks like it would be very easy to carry from room to room. I would like to see a Dewalt version with dual 20Vs.

  6. Love the idea of cordless, however my ryobi would cut 4-5 boards and the battery was done. Cool gimmick though

  7. Did anybody notice the the rolling stand and the sawhorse stand in the picture ad?

    Those look pretty interesting too.

  8. Great news from milwaukee,i already have the ryobi miter saw (with a bosch mulripurpose blade,much better than the original blade) and i m happy with this tool.I recently bought the milwaukee m18 fuel circular saw and i love it but this miter saw seem to be an awesome tool.i really want to try this miter saw (france).

  9. I hope they hurry and get the US some. I wonder what their price points going to be? Hopfully less tthan the other guys. This is kinda old news now. The whole cordless notes as deal. So no need to make it such a high price. We all know in a few years it’s going to be a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars less any way. #tiacrew #tia


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