John Deere Boots – Tractors on your Feet


For those of you that spend most of your day on your feet boots are a necessity.  Everyones feet are different and what is comfortable to you may not be comfortable to another.  If you like John Deere and want a good quality boot check out the new line up of John Deere boots made by the Dan Post Boot Company.  They have a variety of styles depending on your application.  For me they were a comfortable boot, I liked the quality.  They didn’t feel quite as heavy as the Timberland Helix Boots that we reviewed a while back, but the Timberlands were also a heavier duty boot.   The John Deere boots are an quality affordable option that won’t break your pocket book. In the video is the WaterProof Hiker and the 6″ Steel Toe Lacer.

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  1. Mamma June should have been wearing John Deere work boots. That way she wouldn’t have a disgusting foot that bugs crawl around because it smells so bad. The reason when he big toe is all messed up is she had it run over with a forklift! I hate the show but some one sent this to me a few days ago and figured the TIA crew had too see this nastiness


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