Gerber Two Pack Value Pack – Knife & Light Overview


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You may be asking yourself why are these clowns reviewing a $15 check out tool.  Well at first we were thinking the same thing.  We call this a check out tool because these are usually the tools you see next to the check out counter and buy on impulse.  They tend to be the gamble tools, sometimes they are very nice and other times you just toss them in the garbage.  Normally we don’t talk too much about check out tools because they are very inexpensive, but after seeing them and trying them, we had to give a shout out.   As you can see by the picture above, there are two tools included in this kit, a Knife and light.

These are two cool tools that you probably will not use everyday, but when you need them, they are handy to have around.  You can keep them in your pocket, in your truck or any other convenient place.

The Gerber utility knife is 5″ when open and closed is 2 3/4″.  The blade locks in place for obvious safety reasons.  To change the standard utility blade all you need is a flat head screw driver and you pop a new one in place.  The handle is stainless steel, so it is rugged.  On the outside there is a clip that you can use to attach to your pocket or use as a money clip so you always have a blade at arms reach.

The flash light actually surprised us.  We all know how bright an LED light can be, but this 4 Lumens light is pretty bright and might even give the Mini Maglite a run for its money.  The light uses a single AAA battery and as with LED lights, it is a very nice white light.  On the back of the light, you have the option to attach this to your key chain

Final thoughts on the Gerber

We usually don’t take up a $15 tool or even take time to write about it, but for this Gerber pack, we feel it deserves a closer look.  Christmas is coming up and this would make a great gift for the person you want to buy something for, but don’t want to spend a lot.  For the price, this is one of those cool little tools to have around.

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  1. Interesting combination of tools to put together for a check out position in a store.
    I don’t think I would ever be interested in a combo like this. I wonder who thought it up?

  2. Always needing a light, yes there is one is every tool box, but pairing a utility knife with the light is just smart marketing. I use a flip-out razor knife all the time, easier to change the blade on this knife than some other brands.


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