FLEX Cordless Vacuum

Flex Cordless Vacuum

When it comes to job site vacuums, we want something that is tough, has excellent suction and doesn’t break the bank.  Plus a good filtration system is a bonus.  So let’s see how the FLEX cordless vacuum stacks up.

FLEX Cordless Vacuum Overview

If you are not familiar with FLEX Power Tools and who they are, I would suggest reading the FLEX Power Tool Story.

On a job site, we are constantly sucking up debris.  We are not only cleaning up sawdust but we are cleaning up heavier items such as metal shavings, nuts, bolts, and other heavy items, so we want a vacuum that can handle the demand.

Besides dry debris, sometimes we also need to suck up liquid such as a plumber sucking up water.  So again, we need something that can handle a variety of tasks.


Flex Cordless Vacuum

The FLEX Cordless Vacuum (FX5221-Z) is designed to meet the demands of a tough job site. The vacuum has a max airflow of 41 CFM with a 42″ water lift.  Its canister can hold 1.6 gallons of dry debris and offers .8 gallons of wet capacity. The vacuum weighs in at 7.3 lbs.

As with all the other cordless FLEX power tools, this is powered by their 24V battery.  If you are not familiar with FLEX battery technology, it has heat management which means it can dissipate heat quickly and keep the battery protected and prolong usage length time and the life of the battery.

Flex Cordless Vacuum

The on/off can easily be controlled from the top of the vacuum.  The vacuum offers high and low usage settings via the toggle switch.

For this size vacuum, it has the longest hose I have seen, which comes in at 8′.  The 1-1/4″ diameter hose is flexible and easy to work with.

Flex Cordless Vacuum

One great feature is the handle on top of the vacuum.  Not only does it make it easy to carry but the handle design is comfortable.

The FLEX Cordless Vacuum comes with multiple accessories including an 8′ Flexible Hose, 1-1/4″ to 1-3/8″ Hose Adapter, Round Brush, Utility Nozzle, Crevice Tool, Washable HEPA Filter, and Carrying Strap.  The vacuum has a great storage system for all its tools, including the hose, so they are easy to access when needed and out of the way when not in use.

Flex Cordless Vacuum

FLEX didn’t leave anything to chance.  When they designed this tool, they designed it with a wide base so it’s not tipping over all the time, which as we know can be annoying.

To access the canister, there are two large latches to unlock it.  You will be able to access the HEPA filter and the bag.  The HEPA filter will capture 99.97% of particles which we all know is extremely important on job sites.

Flex Cordless Vacuum

With any filter, they can get covered in debris causing the vacuum to lose suction.  Instead of having to turn the vacuum off, open it up, and clean the filter, FLEX designed a very handy feature; all a user needs to do when the filter needs cleaning, is just push down this button and the vacuum will produce an internal “backdraft” that cleans some of the debris off and helps improve suction.

Flex Cordless Vacuum

The inside of the canister is large and as you can see, there is support to make the canister tough and not flexible which can cause stress and cracking.


Overall this is a powerful vacuum.  As you can see it cleans up large amounts of waste quickly and easily.  We sucked up water without any issues and even sucked up some smaller nuts and bolts, again, without issue.

The broad variety of accessories make all types of cleaning jobs, work or personal, easier tasks.


You can pick this up at your local Lowes for $119 as a bare tool.  If you own the FLEX line, this is a great deal.  If you have to buy a battery and charger, obviously you will pay more.

For $119, this is less expensive than other professional manufactures’  vacuums.  So yes, this is a good deal when compared side by side to other similar vacuums.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a good vacuum.  The vacuum is powerful and with the HEPA filter, this makes a perfect job site vacuum.  I like how it has a cleaning filter button and how the hose and all accessories store away nicely.  For $119 it would be hard to find a better deal or a better vacuum.


  1. Great video on the flex vacuum. This will be my next purchase in their tool line. Have their 24v 1/2” hammer drill driver with turbo kit. Unbelievably strong tool. These are without a doubt PRO tools. Definitely enjoyed how you showed all the components of the vacuum & gave your opinion of its performance. Great job guys!!


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