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Flex Power Tools

FLEX is probably a name you might not be familiar with.  After all, it’s not every day a new power tool manufacturer comes to market.  So who is FLEX power tools and what are they all about?  Today we are going to take a closer look at FLEX and the story behind the tools.  Plus we will take a close look at the technology behind the tools and if they are a brand worth investing in.

FLEX Power Tools – Behind the Name

So who is FLEX power tools?  While the name might be new to you, they actually have a long history.  FLEX was founded in 1922 in Germany.  In 1954 they developed the first handheld grinder with a flexible shaft. In 2013, they joined the CHERVON company

So who is CHERVONCHERVON started in 1993.  They have worked with large power tool companies to help them design power tools under the names you know.  So they were more of a company behind the scenes.  Then in 2014, they came out with EGO, an outdoor power tool company.  EGO changed the OPE world.  They were the first to create quality products that truly worked.  Ever since then, the competition has been trying to play catch-up.

Besides creating some of the highest quality products around, they also developed one of the best battery platforms that have been proven time and time again but we will get into that a bit later.

FLEX Power Tools – Target Market

So who are FLEX power tools designed for, the homeowner or the professional?  FLEX power tools are designed for professionals.  The tools are high quality, along with their batteries.

Their tools are designed for general and specific professional applications.

FLEX Power Tools – Technology

Flex Cordless Vacuum

Batteries – The core behind any good power tool company has to be the batteries since that is the backbone of any cordless line.  When it comes to batteries and technology, FLEX has it all figured out.

First FLEX has a next-level of batteries.  While everyone else has an 18V battery platform, FLEX also has a 24V battery platform.  So longer run time and more power compared to competitors.

Second FLEX has a Therma-Tech heat management system that has a sleeve to absorb heat and protect each cell.  Heat kills batteries so anything a company can do to protect the cells means longer run time and longer battery life.

Third FLEX has a shock-resistant design, plus the electronics are epoxy sealed so everything inside is protected from the outside elements.

Charger – FLEX charges batteries faster than most of their competitors.  The chargers have more wattage in the charger which speeds up the process.  Plus the chargers have dual cooling fans which means batteries can cool down quicker and begin their charging cycle sooner.

Another huge advantage is the intelligent processor that monitors each cell which not only protects the cells but optimizes the charging of each cell.

Tools – FLEX power tools don’t mess around.  Each of their tools is built with brushless motors which means more efficiency.  So in return, you get more power, a long-running tool between chargers, and longer tool life.

Their motors use different censors to help not only protect the tool from overload but also manage the speed and torque for optimal performance.

Now, these are just some of the advantages that the FLEX power tool system has over the competition.  As with any power tool company, you have to have a good starting point, good battery platform, and intelligent power tools to make a difference and provide a real advantage over the competition, all of which FLEX is offering.

FLEX Power Tools – Moving Forward

While FLEX has been around for a while, its new 24V line is new to the market.  So as you would expect, they don’t have the vast line of tools that other competitors offer since other companies have had a jump start.

However FLEX has promised that they are all-in and moving forward with the 24V line of tools and over the next couple of years, they will have SKUs that rival even companies that have been out for a while.  As you can see by their product line, while they are new, they still have a lot of tools in the 24V lineup.

FLEX will be adding new tools all the time so keep checking their website, and ours.

FLEX Power Tools – Our View

I always have a hard time with new companies.  I always question how they will support the product with new tools and if their technology is legit.  With FLEX, I know the company behind the tools.  I know and understand that they believe in quality above all else.  I know they have the passion for this line and I know they will be building this line up to compete against all other manufacturers.  So for me, this is a brand I can back and a brand I can trust.

Sure it will take time to create and release more tools to catch up with others in the market, but they already have the major and most used tools out, plus some niche tools.  So for me, it’s an investment I can back.

FLEX Power Tools – The Long Haul

Yes, this question has been answered but it is still one of concern to some.  FLEX has been around since 1922, CHERVON has been around since 1993.  CHERVON has been expanding like crazy so I have no doubt in my mind that the FLEX is here to stay.

In fact, we even took a trip years ago to check out CHERVON.  From the start, the company amazed us and how they have grown over the years is unique.  Time and time again, we see how quality and reliability are extremely important to CHERVON so I know this also applies to FLEX.

FLEX Power Tools – Wrap Up

Bottom line, FLEX power tools are here to stay and are and will be a force for years to come within the power tool sector.  When you pick up one of the Flex tools, you’ll see that they are quality and ready for tough work.  While you can’t see inside the batteries, know they have the technology there to protect the tool and produce some real output in regards to power and run time.

While their line might not be as big as the top dogs yet, they will be growing this line.  For me, FLEX power tools is a professional line of tools that will handle the job site and tough applications.


  1. I have been a long time Milwaukee power tool user. I recently purchased the flex power tool combo kit. Impact drill- 1/2 drill- sawzaw – light and 2 batteries. I’m impressed! Flex power tools are the best power tools I’ve ever used. I’m an electrician and I didn’t think anything would out perform the Milwaukee power tools. It did and I will never go back to the toys I once had. Flex power tools are much more powerful and the batteries last much longer. I’m going to sell my Milwaukee power tools and completely change over to flex. I would love to get coupons for the remaining power tools I will need to buy!

  2. I am based in Birmingham in the UK. I Have been looking at your tools especially the stacker tool box on wheels . I’ve long been a dewalt fan but must admit I admire the set with all the add ons .My main problem is finding a supplier .I genualy think once I’m on site with this set up more builders will be interested


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