SKIL 12V Light

Skil 12V Light

Every power tool manufacturer has some type of jobsite lighting in their line up but not all are created equal.  Today we are looking at the SKIL 12V Light to see if this is a good fit for you while working on your vehicle or other projects.  The light is said to be bright and versatile so let’s see if it holds true.

SKIL 12V Light Overview

While you can use this light on a variety of projects, this light is really designed for the mechanic.  The light is lightweight, bright, offers multiple mounting options, and you can direct the light in about any direction.  As you know when working on a vehicle, you have to be a contortionist to get into certain places.  So our light source needs to be a contortionist as well and be able to shine its light onto a variety of workspaces.  Now let’s jump in and take a closer look at the SKIL 12V Light.

SKIL 12V Light Features

Skil 12V Light

So one must-have feature for a mechanic‘s light is brightness; this light provides 600 lumens to light up any area.  While the light may be big in brightness, the light is compact in its footprint.  The light weighs 1 lb. and is 14.69″ L x  3.43″W, making it great for those tight spots.

Yes, it’s only a 12V light but it offers 7.5 hours of runtime making this the perfect light to get through your workday.

Skil 12V Light

As noted the light is powered by a SKIL 12V battery.  Now not all batteries are created equal and batteries are different.  SKIL offers one of the most advanced battery systems in the power tool world.  Each SKIL cell is wrapped with cooling material to help increase the runtime and longevity of the battery.  Heat kills batteries so any advancements in keeping a battery cool during use is a huge leap forward.

Skil 12V Light

One of my favorite features of this light is the lens.  SKIL uses a diffusing lens to help spread the light and keep the light even, making it a cleaner light.  If you have ever seen an LED light with clear glass, it can be very annoying since it shows dots all over the place.

Skil 12V Light

The on/off button also acts as a mode button.  Press the button once and the light will turn to high mode.  Press again and it will turn to low mode.  And if you hold the button on for about three seconds, it will go into strobe mode.

As we talked about, versatility is extremely important for a mechanics light.  The SKIL 12V Light has a 180° pivoting head with a 270° left/right swivel. These are the features that allow you to aim the light in any direction and illuminate where you need it.

Sure it’s great to have a head that will allow you to shine light in any direction but having a way to keep it in place while you’re working is just as important.  It’s no surprise that SKIL thought ahead and designed this light with a built-in hook, magnet, and rafter hook so you can just about hang or mount this light in any area.

SKIL 12V Light Performance

This is a solid light for a number of reasons.

First, the quality.  The push-button and the swivel feel extremely nice.  Nothing feels loose or cheap.

Second, I like the versatility.  I can position this light on all most any surface and swivel the head in any direction to get the light right where I am working.

Third, I like the lighting options: high/low brightness, and strobe. And the switch design is smart. I like how I can push the button to go from high to low and then off.  While I won’t keep this in my car, the strobe feature is a great option for those who will have it in their vehicle.  And it’s great that you have to hold the push button down, to access the strobe.  Since I probably won’t be using the strobe, I like how I will never have to toggle through that setting and get frustrated.

Fourth, the 600 lumens is a nice output.  And I really like is how the lens diffuses the light and helps spread it out instead of seeing just the white dots and dark areas that you often get with a clear lens.

SKIL 12V Light Value

You can pick this light up at Lowes for about $40 for the bare tool.  Overall, it’s not a bad deal for the quality, versatility, and light output.  Comparing it to other lights in this price range, the SKIL definitely has more features and versatility than the competitors.

SKIL 12V Light Wrap Up

If you own any SKIL 12V tools, this is a no-brainer.  The light offers plenty of options for hanging and directing light.  If you are looking for a solid light and don’t own any SKIL 12V tools, this is a great start to get you into SKIL’s ever-growing 12V tool line. So the answer to our question from the first paragraph is “yes”, this light is bright and versatile.


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