Female Welders, Silversmiths & Jewelry Artists You Should Know

Female welders, silversmiths and jewelry artists that you should know

For the month of March we are featuring different women in the skilled trade and artisan professions who are creating an impact in their industries. This week we have female welders, silversmiths, and jewelry artists who bring their own unique flare to their respective crafts.

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Meet Our Female Welders, Silversmiths, & Jewelry Artisans

Jen Phillips | Page Buursma | Sarah Stork | Mikayla Gilman | Amber Rae

Jen Phillips, Female Welder & Metal Sculptor

Female Welders Jen Phillips

This female welder is not just proving that women deserve their spot in the welding profession, she is raising the bar for welding and metal art.

Jen Phillips has been welding since she was 16 years old and became as a Journeyman as soon as she completed her training in 2017, but motherhood demanded she take her career in a new direction. Today Jen Phillips is a metal artist specializing in realistic metal sculptures. As a lover of the great outdoors, her sculptures are often inspired by the nature and culture surrounding her home in Saskatchewan, Canada. Some of her most notable works include metal sculptures of a life-size eagle, Native American headdresses, and a mallard in flight.

While Phillips initial welding skills were learned through traditional mentorship and certifications, her metal sculpting skills are completely self-taught. Her dedication to the craft is why Jen Phillips is one of our female welders you should know.

Jen Phillips takes commissions and sells her artwork on her website. A portion of each sale gets donated to the non-profit War Party Ranch.

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Paige Buursma, Silversmith & Jewelry Artist

Female silversmiths Paige Buursma

On the surface, Paige Buursma is a silversmith and jewelry maker. But scroll across her Instagram and you’ll discover history, mythology, and more.

Paige Buursma, a Michigan-based artist and owner of Affinity Silverworks, describers her work as “Jewelry with a story”. She creates one-of-a-kind jewelry often inspired by folklore, history and botanical symbolism. She shares the story behind each piece on her social media. These stories range from the Victorian-era symbolism of willow leaves, bets between Cleopatra and Mark Antony, to Celtic lore behind bluebells.

As a lover of ancient jewelry, Buursma utilizes a lot of traditional jewelry crafting techniques. Everything is made by hand with a lot of thought. All of this creates a very meaningful piece that is great to gift or receive – but act fast! The Affinity Silverworks online store releases unique one-of-a-kind batches once a month and the items sell out fast.

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Sarah Stork, Female Welder & Metal Sculptor

Female Welders Sarah Stork

Many artists on this list have been working on their craft since their teens or even younger. Sarah Stork discovered welding as an adult, but she leveled-up fast once she realized this was her passion.

In 2012 Sarah Stork picked-up welding on her farm after being inspired by her husband who welded for work as a well driver. A certification later and over a decade of working on her craft, she is now a full-time metal artist. As a lover of wildlife, Stork loves creating sculptures of animals. While her work sounds similar to our other metal sculptor, Jen Phillips, Stork’s sculptures often have a more solid body, like this octopus sculpture.

While Stork has been developing her welding skills for over decade, she has really become a master at her craft. A lot of this drive came from adversity she experienced while completing her courses, which ended up shifting her focus from fabrication to metal art. Stork’s perseverance and drive to create her own path is why she is one of our female welders you should know.

When she’s not being creative Stork also uses her in traditional fabrication applications in odd jobs and repairs on her farm or in her Texas town. You can contact her through social media for commissions.

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Mikayla Gilman, Jewelry Artist

Female Jewelry artists Mikayla Gilman

In a world where China cabinets are on the decline and donated China dinnerware is piling up at thrift stores, Mikayla Gilman has created a new way to appreciate these common heirlooms.

No one wants to throw away Grandma’s China, but Millennials, Gen X and Gen Z don’t want China as much as previous generations did. However, they do want heirlooms they can treasure and pass on. Mikayla Gilman repurposes China and porcelain plates that are either going to be discarded, are broken, or clients who want to thoughtfully divide a collection up amongst family and friends, and does so by turning these plates into pendants.

Gilman carefully cuts out the intricate designs in porcelain dinnerware, shapes it, and solders the edges into jewelry so that it can be appreciated and easily passed down through generations. Watch the process on her Instagram.

Gilman takes commissions and releases jewelry in periodic shop drops on her website.

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Amber Rae, Jewelry Artist

Female jewelry artists Amber Rae

It feels like every pair of earrings nowadays are small, minimalist studs or delicate hoop earrings. However, female jewelry artist Amber Rae creates bold earrings full of personality.

Amber Rae is a polymer clay artist specializing in earrings. Her earrings could be described as nature-inspired and gothic. Her work often depicts forest plants, moon phases, and mythical creatures such as dragons. While these designs are larger and bolder than general everyday earrings, her fine detailing give them a refined feel.

After curing Amber Rae uses a rotary tool to shape, smooth and drill holes for the findings on each pair of earrings. Her earrings are generally bigger than popular minimalist earrings. However, she promises earrings that are lightweight and comfortable for all-day, everyday wear.

Many of Rae’s designs are done in batches and will occasionally restock popular pairs. However, most of her work is one-of-a-kind. You can buy her earrings from her Etsy store.

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More Female Welders, Artists, & Jewelry Artist You Should Know

Did we miss anyone that inspires you? Leave their name, website, or social media info in the comments and we will consider them for future posts.

Stay tuned for more female artisans you should know!


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