She Fits In: Women’s Workwear for Female DIY’ers & Professionals

Women's Workwear for Female DIY'ers & Professionals

In the last decade there has been a dramatic increase in women going into the trades, and performing their own DIY projects. However, you still have to search high and low for durable, functional women’s workwear for female DIY’ers and skilled trade professionals. Meanwhile, men have extensive workwear options available at major retailers. This lack of options makes the trade professions and hardware stores continue to feel like a boys club.

Thankfully, new brands have popped up in the last decade and many favorited workwear brands have invested in their women’s workwear lines as well.

Today we are sharing our favorite women’s workwear. Workwear for female DIY’ers and skilled trade professionals. Workwear that celebrates women entering the trades and DIY fields with clothing and accessories that guarantee she fits in.


Barriers for Female DIY’ers & Skilled Trade Professionals

More women are picking up power tools and entering the trades than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they no longer face adversity.

General Contractor Brittany Bailey of Pretty Handy Girl normally enjoys shocking people with her home improvement skills, but in her Saving Etta series she discusses feeling like an outsider in her general contractor prep courses. Female welder Sarah Stork was laughed at by her male fabrication classmates and excluded from their team. Fortunately, this pushed her into creative metal arts where she is incredibly talented and successful (but you bet she still does traditional fabrication jobs).

But want some good news?

Twice as many women are entering the skilled trade professions today compared to 10 years ago, and women currently account for 14% of all skilled trade apprentices in the country. The number of female DIY’ers across the world has also skyrocketed. The hashtag #WomenWhoBuild took off on TikTok and Instagram during Covid as many women explored new hobbies, like DIY and woodworking, during lockdowns.

Clearly, these women know how to persevere through the worst of times while paving the way for a better tomorrow. That’s why we want to highlight these brands that are embracing women entering the skilled trades and completing their “honey-do” lists with their workwear that ensures they fit in.

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Women’s Workwear for Female DIY’ers & Professionals

Maybe working with power drills, circular saws, nailers and whatnot is your everyday gig at the jobsite, or just how you unwind on the weekend? Either way, you will do it better and more comfortably while rocking our favorite women’s workwear and accessories.

Carhartt Women’s Workwear Standard T-Shirt

Believe it or not, few brands offer a standard work tee for women. Good thing you can always count on Carhartt to have something, and they actually offer a lot.

Carhartt’s Relaxed Fit Midweight Pocket T-shirt is the perfect go-to work shirt. It comes in 10 different colors and available in sizes XS to 3X. It’s made from a polyester and cotton blend so it’s comfortable and breathable.

This is just one great shirt from Carhartt. Carhartt’s women’s workwear line offers a wide variety of shirts: short, long, tanks, sweaters, and hoodies, and even has lightweight, midweight, and heavy-duty options for most styles.

  • Customer Review: “I really appreciate the fit on this shirt. I can tell it was built with curvy folks in mind and not just flat skinny people. The curved hem is flattering if left out, but also if tucked.”
  • Where to Buy: $20.56-24.99 on Amazon.


Dovetail Long-Sleeve Moisture Wicking T-Shirt

Moisture wicking and 25 SPF, this is a great go-to tee when you need long sleeves. The Poly/cotton blend is soft and comfy and built to last. This long-sleeve tee is great to wear on its own or paired with a flannel or hoodie for extra warmth for your winter workwear.

  • Customer Review: “Nice, soft, but durable fabric. And the construction is great, so many long sleeve tshirts look frazzled at the seems due to the stitching, but not this one. Well done!”
  • Where to Buy: $35 full price, but on sale for $29.40 from Dovetail.


Duluth Trading Co. No Yank Tanks

Duluth Trading Co. is my new favorite for women’s work shirts. They offer just as many different styles as Carharrt, but Duluth Trading Co. shirts have better functionality designed with women in mind, such as their “No Yank Tanks“. Also, these shirts come in a wide variety of prints and colors.

I know it may sound “so typical” for me to commend the style options, but I’ve done my time wearing men’s cut and sized workwear on my 5’1″ body. I’m ready to enjoy my workwear.

  • Customer Review: “I love these tanks! I wear them under hoodies and flannels all winter and in the summer. I was skeptical about the “no yank” claim but these are amazing!” 
  • Where to Buy: $16.50 from Duluth Trading Co.


Amazon Essentials Women’s 1, 2 or 4-pack T-Shirts

Women's Workwear for DIY'ers and Skilled Trade professionals 4-pack t-shirts from Amazon Essentials. Available in black, grey, navy, and white.

And sometimes you just need a cheap t-shirt, and four t-shirts for $28.50? Sign me up! Plus, this cotton/jersey blend is comfy, soft to the touch, and has a relaxed fit. Plus, there are a lot of combo and color options to choose from.

Oh, and 50k people gave these shirts an overall 4.5 rating. I think that means they are pretty solid.

  • Customer Review: “I bought these almost a year ago and washed them many times and they have held up great. Little to no shrinking in the dryer. I love that they are a little bit fitted but not tight on my body. The v-neck is at the perfect height and so you don’t feel like you’re giving everyone a show when you bend over. It’s very flattering. They are SO soft. I love the material. The length of the shirts is great!”
  • Where to Buy: Packs range from $10.90-28.50 on Amazon.


Dovetail Women’s Workwear Britt Utility Cargo Pants

(I’ll be honest, I want all of the Dovetail women’s work pants. But for simplicity, let’s talk about why the Britt Utility ones are great)

99% cotton. You are not going to feel stuffy in these. Then 1% spandex gives these pants just enough stretch. Dovetail describes these pants as “soft but indestructible” and isn’t that all we want? Plus you get 11 pockets! You’re also guaranteed a great variety with Dovetail. Their pants range from size 0 to 18, plus each size is made in short, standard, long, and extra long.

  • Customer Review: “For the price, I really wanted to be disappointed in this product. I can not tell you how…..thoroughly how amazing these damn things feel. I’m a shortie and the regular length is perfect. No more shuffling pant legs against the ground. I was getting used to wearing the wranglers menfolk pants, they were comfy like PJs but lasted a month with what I do. These! OMG THESE! Blow every pair of pants I’ve ever worn out the water. I hate that I love these so much! But will slowly fill my wardrobe because I don’t want to take them off! Great material, heavy fabric yet I feel like I’m wearing nothing at all!”
  • Where to Buy: $65-99 on Amazon.


Dovetail Women Workwear Overalls with 13 Pockets

Dovetail Workwear knows what they’re doing. They describe these overall as a “full-body toolbox” because there’s a pocket for everything. These straight-leg overalls are made of a 97% cotton/3% spandex blend and are made with flex suspenders. So, not only can you hold everything, but you can move around and do exactly what you need to get the job done.

  • Customer Review: “I did not want to spend this much on a pair of overalls, but so glad I did. They were worth every penny. The material is high quality! You have the flexibility necessary for doing challenging physical and dirty tasks -whether outside or in a shop! You also have the protection! Best part for a woman… they’re flattering and have ALL the pockets!”
  • Where to Buy: $129 on Amazon.


Liberty Women’s Workwear (Nice Price) Overalls

As much as we love Dovetail overalls they can be a little expensive. Liberty makes a great alternative and costs a fraction of the price, with each pair of overalls selling for around $40-50.

Liberty also uses a high cotton, low spandex blend and makes their overalls with adjustable suspenders. Each pair has a great chest pocket, and Liberty overalls are much more machine-wash friendly.

Plus, Liberty makes kid bib overalls so the kids can match mom!

  • Customer Review: “I just got mine, and I had to try it on. OH my GOSH – they are so comfortable, and they fit so well! They’re forgiving in the mid section, and plenty long to cover my boots”…”There is plenty of room to carry things that you need in the field or in the garage. They are comfortable, not hot (its 92F and humid outside, and these are still comfortable), lightweight, and ROOMY. I highly recommend this product! Thank you, Liberty!!!”
  • Where to Buy: $40-50 on Amazon.


Carhartt Women’s Workwear Utility Leggings

These aren’t your everyday leggings. These leggings are made of a durable and flexible nylon and spandex blend, so they are durable enough to last through the workday but stretchy so you can move unrestricted. These Carhartt Utility Leggings come in four colors and each pair has its own zippered pocket.

  • Customer Review: “I love them. Comfortable with plenty of pockets. I have bought several pairs. They are great for physical work and dressing up also. I have also bought the carhartt capri leggings.”
  • Where to Buy: $31.99-59.99 on Amazon.


Georgia Boot Women’s Eagle Trail Work/Hiking Boot

Comparing Women's Work Boots: Eagle Trail

Hiking or working, these boots work for both. So, a part-time DIY’er will get just as much use out of these boots as a full-time trade professional. The full-grain and salt-resistant leather is very durable and should stand up well over time. The alloy toe also matches the contours of the feet so this work boot provides both protection and comfort.


Carhartt Mono Sling Backpack/Crossbody Bag

The girl on-the-go needs a crossbody bag, but the DIY’er or trade pro needs this Carhartt Mono Sling Backpack.

This backpack is durable and water-resistant, made with a padded strap, and has multiple pockets designed with functionality in mind. Carhartt took the popular crossbody design and enhanced it to create the go-to work bag, for both women and men.

Not your style? Don’t worry, there are a ton of different Carhartt crossbody bags to choose from.

  • Customer Review: “I use the backpack ALL THE TIME. It’s the perfect size for an iPad when I don’t want to carry my laptop and it still has room for a book, journal, water bottle, and a hat. The front and side pockets are perfect for pens, sunglasses, key, etc. I’ve run it through the washing machine a couple times and it holds up. Great sling bag.”
  • Where to Buy: $49.99 on Amazon.
  • Bonus: Check out this Carhartt Sling Bag and Duffel Utility Bag combo.


KwikSafety FIRST LADY Women’s Safety Vest

Safety equipment is the biggest offender for forgetting about women. Women’s frames are generally smaller than men and their proportions are just different. Many women feel like they are drowning when thrown into a men’s safety vest. This KwikSafety Women’s Safety Vest meets all the safety standards and is sized and cut for a woman’s body.

  • Customer Review: “This vest is beautiful and well made! I am 5’3″ and about 230lbs, I’m thick around the hips and rear, and this vest is not only forgiving of my curves, it’s actually flattering.”
  • Where to Buy: $31.49 on Amazon.


SafetyGirl Safety Glasses

Who says safety glasses have to be boring? Not only are these SafetyGirl Safety Glasses a fun pop of pink, they meet safety standards, are durable enough to be thrown into the tool bag, rattle around, and still be good to go when you need them next. And for seven bucks? You can’t beat that!

Also available with amber lenses.

  • Customer Review: “I purchased these safety glasses to wear in my clinical rounds as a dental hygiene student. We have strict requirements on our protective equipment so I was pleased to find a stylish pair of safety glasses that were up to my school’s standards. They have build in side shields and soft rubber nose rests which make wearing them for three hours straight much more comfortable. They are flexible but seem to be pretty sturdy. I throw them in my book bag without protection and so far there are no scratches or broken parts.”
  • Where to Buy: $6.96 on Amazon.


Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles

Being in the skilled trade professions or doing your own renovation projects can lead to less than ideal work conditions. You may be working outside in the winter, or in a building with no heat. Don’t let the cold get to you first. Beat it with these battery-powered heated insoles. Also great for hikers, hunters, or winter sports lovers.

  • Customer Review: “Great set of insoles. Bought them for use in ski boots and they held up extremely well. They were comfortable, heated appropriately, and the battery lasted more than long enough.”
  • Where to Buy: $179.95 but on sale for $99 on Amazon.


HANDYLADY Utility Work Gloves

Using men’s work gloves in a pinch is fine, but ill-fitting gloves can give you a poor grip and lead to injuries. These HANDYLADY Utility Work Gloves are designed for women, plus the fingers have touchpads so you can still use your phone without taking your gloves off.

Available in 12 different colors and available in sizes XS to L.

  • Customer Review: Great working gloves for women. In the past I have used small men’s gloves that never fit right, and always slipped off. These gloves fit my fingers properly, and the velcro strap at the wrist keep them snug. The fingertip touch pads work, and I can answer my phone or pause a podcast without taking my gloves off”
  • Where to Buy: $16.80 on Amazon.


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Our Favorite Women’s Workwear Brands

You can probably tell from this list which women’s workwear brands we love for our female DIY’ers and skilled trade professionals. However, we want to take a moment to lay it out real nice and neat for you.

Women-Owned Workwear Brands

These brands exclusively make women’s workwear and are women-owned brands as well.

Exclusive Women’s Workwear Brands

While these brands may not be women-owned, they see the need and importance of properly fitting and well-constructed women’s workwear.

Inclusive Workwear Brands

These brands make men’s and women’s workwear, but have very well thought out women’s workwear lines. Links go to each brand’s women’s workwear line.

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What’s Your Favorite Women’s Workwear Brand?

Did you like our picks or did we leave your favorite out? Let us know in the comments along with products you recommend.


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