EGO 580 CFM Blower Review

EGO 580CFM Blower Review

EGO has made a name for themselves in the OPE realm for making high performing tools on a battery platform. “With Power Beyond Belief” as their slogan, you better believe EGO packs a serious punch in their OPE staples. If there is one tool you have heard about from EGO, it is likely their blower. The brand just released a new blower, the EGO 580 CFM Blower.

Now, we all know Dan and Eric love their EGO blowers. But how did I feel about it?

Today we are going to find out! Let’s dive right in.

EGO 580 CFM Blower Review Overview

It may seem like a broken record to continue hearing all about what awesome products EGO makes. The reality is though, that the reason everyone is talking about them, is because they are legitimately that good. We have taken a look at several of their products, like their mowers and trimmers which haven’t let us down. I loved the EGO Multi-tool and the Chainsaw I reviewed in the spring, so I knew the cordless capabilities of the battery system were there.

One of the most interesting things that stand out about EGO is the inspiration behind their design. Aeronautic technology is to thank for EGO’s turbine fan engineering that provides so much air power to this blower. That power is what allows it to have the claim as the most powerful cordless blower on the market. EGO is also owned by Chervon, a company who not only owns several popular power tool brands but also makes tools for several big manufacturers as well.

With the soon to launch Commercial Series coming in 2019, designed for the professional looking for a viable battery powered option. EGO has more people buzzing than ever before, and with good reason.

EGO 580 CFM Blower Review Features

EGO 580CFM Blower Review

This blower has a brushless motor for ideal performance. Brushless motors have several benefits, in this case, longer run time and extended engine life.

EGO 580CFM Blower Review

The EGO 580 CFM Blower is powered by the signature EGO 56V battery. On efficiency mode, the 5.0 Ah battery will provide about 3 hours of run time, while the same battery is charged in 100 minutes.

EGO 580CFM Blower Review

Two nozzles are included for air flow customization. Both a flat nozzle and a tapered nozzle have an easy change push and snap mechanism for security.

EGO 580CFM Blower Review

The variable speed control knob provides 225 to 580 CFM of pure blowing air power.

EGO 580CFM Blower Review

The turbo button provides an extra burst of airflow for maximum power but can be released when not needed.

EGO 580CFM Blower Review

Weather Resistant construction provides protection from the elements. The EGO blower boasts a 5-year warranty, all while being 4 times quieter than comparable gas blowers.

EGO 580CFM Blower Review

The ergonomic design provides ideal balance and maintains comfort for the user, even during extended use. Additionally, the use of a brushless motor reduces vibrations considerably for ideal comfort.

EGO 580 CFM Blower Review Performance

This blower quite simply blows the competition away. It is hard to adequately express just how powerful this blower truly is. I was able to blow several inches of wet pine needle and leaves right off an embedded rock drain with very little effort. Something I have never seen possible with a cordless blower before. If you head over to our Instagram, you can see a clip of me doing just that, with ease.

Another great aspect of this blower is the ability to control the flow. There are times you don’t want full power but rather a light flow. The ability to turn the knob to reduce airflow and remove the need to hold the trigger is a huge bonus to me. I was able to save some effort raking and use this as a controlled flow sweeper. When you have a plethora of trees, this is very valuable as hours spent raking leaves is pretty exhausting.

We’ve talked about its power and capabilities, but what about comfort? When you first hold the battery alone you may find yourself wondering how comfortable it could be to use. Thankfully, this blower is well-balanced and the design allows it to feel quite light even when using it on high speeds. The biggest discomfort with traditionally designed blowers, whether gas or electric, is the vibration and the toll that takes on your upper body after extended use. This is probably it’s most notable feature, as it really does power through its work with very little vibrations.

EGO 580 CFM Blower Review Value

EGO is sold at the Home Depot, this model, LB580, comes in at $169.00 bare tool. You can also purchase the package, Model LB5804, with the 5.0 Ah battery and charger for $299.00. Value is always subjective, but I have tried several models that are less expensive all with pretty poor results. There are also models that are quite a bit more expensive too but I would say it’s a mixed bag performance wise.

Outdoor power equipment, in general, is an investment, just as it is an investment to get into a battery lineup when purchasing power tools. I will say that converting to battery power doesn’t have to be painful, while EGO isn’t on the bottom of the price spectrum, they aren’t at the very top either. They price their products competitively and provide results the competition can’t touch. If there seems to be one sure bet in the cordless OPE market, it is EGO.

EGO 580 CFM Blower Review Final Thoughts

We often hear how professionals love EGO. While they have announced a commercial series recently, their fame didn’t extend to only homeowners. Professional Landscapers have also sung the praises of EGO for quite some time now. Ironically, I purchased a smaller EGO blower as a gift before ever using one, because I knew it’s reputation to be stellar. Thankfully it was a hit, but I am even more glad to own one of these blowers myself now.

I have to admit, that like most true tool lovers, I don’t share my tools well. Recently, my husband snuck a little play time with this blower while I was out of town at yet another tool event. While I was powerless to intervene, it gave me a bit of extra reinforcement that this blower was, in fact, everything you could hope it to be. To say the least, this blower hasn’t failed to excite him about lawn work, which is a win for sure. If you find yourself, like me, still skeptical of all batteries can do for OPE, EGO is the brand to go to for reassurance. This blower checks every box possible and is sure to blow you away with its performance, without blowing your budget.


  1. I have the 530 CFM and it does a great job. I like how they moved the speed dial to the side of the handle. I have noticed every time that Echo increases the CFM on their cordless blower that EGO brings out a new version with more CFM.

    • Absolutely, Russ. The 530 was the model I purchased for my Father In Law and it was a huge hit! I love this 580, the side knob makes it really convenient for sure. That’s an interesting observation about Echo, I will have to watch for that.


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