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Ego 56V Blower

I am becoming a huge fan of the Ego line of outdoor tools.  Now I still don’t know how they will hold up over time, but for now they are a winning combination.  The blower isn’t any different.  With a 1 hour run time, you can pretty much get any job done.  I have to say I love the features of this tool such as being able to dial down or dial up the speed.  Plus they incorporated a turbo button to get that extra speed when you need to push heavier items.  I do wish there was a lock feature for the turbo button as you have to hold it down manually.  Good new is, the blower does a great job even without the turbo button.

The unit is well balanced and doesn’t take a toll on your arms when using it.  One item I like is the intake is on the bottom of the tool, so I no longer have to worry about my shorts getting sucked into the side of the unit.  Now I could go on and on about this unit, but I will save you some time.  Overall this is a great unit for any residential use.  Lightweight, lots of power and an incredible run time.  The only down side I see is the company is new to the market, so there are no long term reviews to see how it holds up.  Lucky for you, this is a system we will be revisiting down the road and letting you know how it’s holding up.



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