Mac Tools SPMR357B – Ratcheting Screwdriver Set


Truck brand tools are not for the faint of heart (or wallet). They are high quality tools built with the professional user in mind and priced accordingly. I am by no means a professional user, but that doesn’t mean my tools don’t see constant use. I’m in my shop everyday doing something. From working on an old tractor to building a bird house for my 8 year olds 2nd grade project, and everything in between, not a day goes by that there isn’t something in my shop being built, maintained, or repaired. That’s why I’m stoked that Mac Tools is becoming a part of TIA.

I’m not the user demographic tool trucks are looking for. Hardcore about my tools as I may be, I’m not an every week customer at a professional shop and trying to get a tool truck to stop at your house has a success rate similar to asking Megan Fox to be your date to the company Christmas party.

In years gone by that meant you were pretty much out of luck with the trucks, but thanks to Mac Tools retail website and mail in warranty program, you too can bask in the the awesomeness that is Mac Tools. You’re going to pay a little more than what a regular customer could get it off the truck for, but when you run across one of those tools you just can’t live without, just having access to it is a big plus.

For me, one such tool was the SPMR357B Ratcheting Screwdriver Set.

Mac SPMR 1

Ratcheting screwdrivers have never been a big deal to me. Sure, they speed up the job, but seeing how I’m not in a situation where time is money like a flat rate tech or something, it was always easier just to grab a standard driver and go. All that changed when I spotted this set though.

Crazy Versatility

Calling The SPMR357B a screwdriver just isn’t accurate. It’s a 57 piece system built around Mac’s poplar Macsimizer style handles. It features 3 of them, Full Size, T-Handle, and Stubby. 2 short 1-5/8″ shafts, 2 medium 3-1/2″ shafts, 2 long 6″ shafts, 2 extra long 10″ flex shafts, 1 medium length locking shaft, 1 extension coupler that allows you to couple 2 shafts together, and 44 bits in common and security profiles. The bits are high quality too. S2 steel, non-slip perforations on the flats, etc. It’s also noteworthy that each handle can be locked into a traditional, non-ratcheting position.

Mac SPMR 2

You’ve probably noticed that in each length you have 2 extensions. 1 accepts 1/4″ hex bits, while the other accepts 1/4″ sockets, meaning this thing is a nut driver too. With lengths from less than 2″ to nearly 16″using the coupler, there aren’t many situations you can’t navigate. Add all this together and you have what is, in my opinion, the vest versatile set of it’s kind on the market.

Mac SPMR 3


Performance is what you expect from Mac Tools and this set doesn’t disappoint. All 3 handles feature a very smooth 45 tooth ratcheting action, easy directional changes, and the Macsimizer handles feel good in your hand. Only the full size handle features in handle bit storage, but that doesn’t seem to detract from the versatility of the set at all. The case is fairly slim, but with the lid attached, it does require a medium deep drawer. Don’t fret though, the lid is removable to allow it to fit in a standard shallow drawer.

Mac SPMR 4

Bit retention is accomplished via magnets while sockets and shafts snap into place with a ball dentent system. They fit securely, but do not require any type of special action to insert or remove.

The Verdict

As far as quality and performance are concerned, there is not a bad word to be said about this set. I will say that experience with these handles tells me the lettering will wear off sooner rather than later, but that’s barely worth mentioning if you’re buying your tools to use. At $209, this set isn’t cheap, but it isn’t what I consider over priced either. Specialty sets are one area where Mac is ahead of the pack and this set is a testament to that.

Stay tuned to TIA for more Mac products and be sure to check it out the SPMR357B on Mac site HERE





  1. Sweet! Basically a top-shelf COMPLETE ratcheting screwdriver set that you can carry around with you or put in your toolbox….awesome! Thanks for letting us know about this one Travis! I am looking forward to seeing more MAC tool reviews from you.

  2. Travis–Nice article. Of the three drivers, I’m partial to the T-handle; it seems more ergonomic and comfortable to hold. I may have to look into getting one.

    As for your comment about the difficulty associated with purchasing from a dealer, I recall Snap-on has an arrangement whereby you contact the company and they match you with a local dealer. I would imagine MAC and other tool companies have a similar setup. I wasn’t an auto tech, but that didn’t present any problem. Rick and I talked on the phone initially, then we met at one of his stops after I got off work. He was new as a dealer, so he was glad to have the business. I bought sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc., over the next few years, and everything worked out fine.

    Rick was doing me a favor by selling to me then, so I tried to make it easy for him. I would meet him at one of the shops on his route, or he would come by my apartment. I even picked up tools at his home on the weekend a few times. Occasionally, you need to ask questions about a tool’s use, or to get one repaired. By having that personal relationship with the tool seller, you can get the help you need. Bottom line: If you’re having trouble meeting or dealing with a franchisee, call the company and ask for the name of another distributor.

    Anyway, great review; keep up the good work.

  3. Looks pretty comprehensive , all you would need is a couple of terminal screwdrivers , and then you are covered ! I’ve bought Snap On sets , so the price doesn’t shock .


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