Ego 56V Blower


I am becoming a huge fan of the Ego line of outdoor tools.  Now I still don’t know how they will hold up over time, but for now they are a winning combination.  The blower isn’t any different.  With a 1 hour run time, you can pretty much get any job done.  I have to say I love the features of this tool such as being able to dial down or dial up the speed.  Plus they incorporated a turbo button to get that extra speed when you need to push heavier items.  I do wish there was a lock feature for the turbo button as you have to hold it down manually.  Good new is, the blower does a great job even without the turbo button.

The unit is well balanced and doesn’t take a toll on your arms when using it.  One item I like is the intake is on the bottom of the tool, so I no longer have to worry about my shorts getting sucked into the side of the unit.  Now I could go on and on about this unit, but I will save you some time.  Overall this is a great unit for any residential use.  Lightweight, lots of power and an incredible run time.  The only down side I see is the company is new to the market, so there are no long term reviews to see how it holds up.  Lucky for you, this is a system we will be revisiting down the road and letting you know how it’s holding up.




  1. I wonder who owns the company ego? And if they have a parent company that alsp makes other well known power tools.. Cuz fr the looks of it and videos the Ego line is very well put together

  2. From what I have researched the it seems like the brand is either owned or made for another company by Chevron Power tools. That’s the company my bare tool hedge trimmer shipped from when I ordered it from Home Depot. Plus on their website they make their tools with the similar green grey colors. I also know they oem for some other tool brands I think the Kobalt 18v 20v lineup is made by them.

  3. How does this compare to the Makita 36V blower you reviewed earlier?

    I prefer Makita only because I already have an arsenal of 18V Makita batteries (9x), and I hesitate to bring another battery and charger in my garage. However, if the difference is night and day, I may have to go EGO since it is the same price as the Makita bare tool. The EGO has a higher CFM, whereas the Makita has a higher muzzle velocity, but how do they differ in real-world use? Does the Makita 36V edge the EGO 56V on anything else besides size and weight?

    • They are both great blowers. When it comes down to it, if you have the Makita and a bunch of batteries, I would stay with that. It’s a great blower and does a good job. Why mess around with more batteries. Yes there are differences between the two. Both excel at certain areas over the other blower, but it’s not like a difference between a Pinto and Porsche where there is a huge difference. Its more like the difference between a Silverado and F150.

  4. got the EGO mower and weed wacker earlier this year. They have both performed way better then I expected. Power to spare, quick charge, quiet. What’s not to love?
    The batteries can be swapped to get the job done quickly between tools.


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